‘Nocturnals’ guitarist sh(r)eds light on tour

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Grace Potter and The Nocturnals take song requests via twitter to create their set lists on the Roar Tour. Fans are instructed to submit their song suggestions using the tag #GPNsetlists. On January 24th, Fargo-Moorhead area fans can catch their favorite tracks when the Nocturnals take the stage at the Venue at the Hub in Fargo. Guitarist Benny Yurco shares his expectations for the upcoming tour and fills us in on projects he completed during his time off.

Fargo was one of the 6 added dates to the second leg of the Roar Tour. Have you ever played in Fargo before?
No, we have never been to Fargo before. It will be our first time in the North Dakota so we are just really excited to get out there and play.

The Roar Tour kicks off Jan 10th, how will it differ from previous tours?
It keeps getting better and better. Every tour we try to make it better filled with more energy.

What can kids expect when they go to the show?
Just to put on your seat belts, and get ready to rock! Fans are encouraged to tweet song requests.

How important to facilitate fan-band relationship?
It’s a really important thing. We are able to show our appreciation by compiling set lists from fans’ tweets. It’s also a way that the fans can create the set list of their dreams. Fans give us an extra incentive to play a particular song. It’s really intriguing because we are able to rediscover songs through the fans.

Are you an avid social media user?
I am avid twitter user, although I haven’t been updating it as off late during the holiday break. I have been focusing on myself and setting up my house. Right now, I’m on Instagram trip. I like that it says things in one shot.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ last released an album in 2010, how did the time off affect the production of the new album?
The break gave us time to rest our ears rest. Every band needs rest because you’re on the road a lot. We were able refocus and really have fun in producing the new album.

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In April 2012, you released a solo album called “This Is A Future.” How does doing a project like that differ from playing in the Nocturnals?
I wanted to make this album so I could focus on production.  Seth Kauffman and I recorded in Burlington, Vermont. We made it in six days and I played all the instruments. It was cool to have the time to do this.

Do you prefer large venues or small acoustic sets?
You know, I really like playing in theatres.

What’s your favorite Nocturnal song to play on tour?
It changes every single night, I love that every show has a different feel.

If you had to chose one era to live what would it be and why?
I would definitely choose the 50s and 60s because of the music. It was just so fresh and inventive.

What are your favorite snow-filled activities?
Oh man, I love sledding Me, Grace and Matt went extreme sledding the other night. It was super steep and icy. I remember watching Grace and she was so aero dynamic, like a mad rocket.

Do you have any new years resolutions?
My main new years’ resolution was to try and write one song a day, and so far I’ve keep to it.

Doors open at 7 p.m. on Thursday. Tickets are on sale now through jadepresents.com and Tickets 300 on Broadway. 


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