Singles celebrate Valentine’s Day

Overflowing with flowers, chocolates and cards, Feb. 14 is a day punctuated with gushy, sentimental adorations. For singles, Valentine’s Day can be just another day, or it can be an excuse to celebrate the freedom of being independant. Fargo- Moorhead offers many different opportunities to indulge in a little self-love.

For the Bro-mance 

Guys, there’s nothing wrong with taking a buddy out this holiday. A good place to start is the movie theater. Walk right past all the cooing couples and into A Good Day to Die, which comes out on the 14th.

What screams not tied down more than a metal show? Dempsey’s is hosting a three-band rock-and-roll bash featuring Fargo’s own Gorgatron, Enabler and Egypt.

For your Galentines 

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your unattatched friends that you appreciate them. Hosting a Galentine’s day party is the perfect way to do that. Make an anti-love song playlist and start celebrating. A scary movie marathon will keep the anti-gooey theme strong.

For the single and looking 

Divas and Rockstars is hosting a karoke night with a twist. All the singles in the bar will be given a puzzle piece. Each puzzle piece has a partner piece that it connects to. The goal is for people, with matching puzzle pieces to find each other.

Hanging out in a coffee shop is a great place to meet cool people and it isn’t messy like the bar.

For the busy 

Thursday is not the easiest day to plan a celebration. Singles who can’t find time this Valentine’s Day, should look into treating themselves. Stop by a favorite bakery and pick up some cookies. Waste a little time in a bookstore. Don’t forget about the most important love of your live, yourself.

Most importantly, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with loved ones and making them feel appreciated. Sending Mom a card or calling a long distance friend will go a long way. Take time this holiday to spread a little love, and to love yourself.


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