AdvoEats: Fargo pizza fans get fired up for Blackbird Woodfire


A new pizza joint has come to Fargo-Moorhead.

Blackbird Woodfire Pizza is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that opened in downtown Fargo on March 1. The eatery specializes in artisan pizzas made in front of the customers and fired in a woodfire oven. Also offered to customers are unique salads and delicious appetizers.

Upon entering the establishment the first noticeable thing is a huge woodfire oven in the middle of the building. Last Saturday, however, one’s eye was quickly drawn to how unbelievably packed the place was with hungry customers and quick-on-their-feet employees.

While this reviewer got seated right away, it was obvious that Blackbird’s employees were in over their heads, as it took quite a while for someone to come take my party’s orders.

The food was well worth the wait, though. Blackbird offered high class and beautifully plated cuisine, which seemed almost out of place in such a fast-paced and casual environment.

The fact that customers had the opportunity to watch employees prepare and plate the dishes kept hungry Fargoans entertained and got them fired up for their food.

For an appetizer this reviewer had the opportunity to try Blackbird’s homemade hummus with their specialty bread. Customers have the opportunity to watch this appetizer, like the others, be prepared. It was elegantly plated and tasted delicious.

Blackbird offers a variety of specialty pizzas from BLT to pistachio. Customers have the opportunity to create their own pizza, which allows patrons to choose their own meat, cheese and sauce. Choosing a simple sausage and pepperoni pizza with mozzarella cheese proved to be a good idea, as even the simplest pizza was unique and offered a Blackbird twist.

The relatively small pizzas were the perfect size for two people to share for lunch.

The affordable and delectable food Blackbird offers and its unique oven are not the only things that make this new eatery notable. Blackbird also serves local craft beers and, according to their website, uses “North Dakota grown and milled flour and the freshest ingredients available.”

Blackbird Woodfire Pizza is located at 206 Broadway in downtown Fargo and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Blackbird is only open for lunch on Monday and is closed on Sunday.

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