English professors battle in “Two Kevins” face-off

by Carrie Thayer

Two men stand under the dimmed lights. This is supposed to be a death match. Though, if that’s the case, the fluffy gray balls that hang from the ceiling seem at least slightly out of place.
Still, there are dead badgers, people eating stolen children and burgers that inevitably stay the same. Just your typical poetry battle fatalities.
Last Wednesday, English professors Kevin Carollo and Kevin Zepper battled in the Face-Off of the Two Kevins at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor.
An open mic proceeded the prize fight. However, there were no souls to brave the stage.
And then the battle commenced.
Both Kevins took to the stage wearing the same outfits featured on the posters used to publicize the event.
While there wasn’t any bloodshed, words were shared – finely tuned phrases that demonstrated the professors’ craft.
There was one poem they recited together, matching each other couplet for couplet. It was an opportune moment for each professor’s style to be shown off.
“I’ve taken a class with Zepper before, so I knew what to expect,” English/mass comm. senior Madeline Cameron said. “However, I’ve never taken a class with Carollo, so I was very pleasantly surprised.”
For the battle-fiending fans, the event left a little to be desired.
“I wanted more of a back and forth, like, Bam! Bam!” psychology senior Rachel Tengwell said.
Still, both performed admirably, and the crowd seemed pleased with the end results, even if no title belts were exchanged.
For information on future events at the Red Raven, visit their Facebook at facebook.com/theredravenespressoparlor.

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