New neighbors: media outlets make a move

by Ellen Rossow

In recent years, MSUM has undergone many changes. From President Anne’s election to the CMU renovations and the new football field, it seems MSUM always has something up its sleeve.

This summer, Flora Frick Hall saw changes of its own as it welcomed the William C. Marcil, Sr. and Jane B. Marcil Center for Innovative Journalism. The renovation directly affected students and staff through the addition of offices for The Advocate and KMSC Dragon Radio — changes many students were unaware of until stepping foot on campus last week.

While some students feel the new offices are infringing upon a beloved classroom space, for others the changes are a window into future opportunity. The offices for The Advocate and KMSC Dragon Radio were previously housed in the CMU, fully across campus from the learning spaces of the students running them. While the change of space will take getting used to for some students and staff, the new facilities and bridging of the physical gap that was between these offices and the communication department opens exciting doors for those part of the extra-curricular organizations.

According to KMSC Dragon Radio Station Manager Natalie Aamont, the station is “beyond excited” for this year.

Being in close quarters with MSUM’s television station, Campus News, and The Advocate is just one of many reasons for this elation.

“The move has already given us a closer connection to the mass communications department and therefore mass comm students,” Aamont said. “We want to build positive relationships with other organizations so we can utilize KMSC to its full potential. We also want to give students the opportunity to gain experience in radio broadcasting.”

Although the space allotted to KMSC is smaller than they are used to, they have spent the summer making plans to make the best of their new space and KMSC as successful as possible. This includes new programming.

“This fall we will be introducing a sports show,” Aamont said. “The topics of discussion will be mainly MSUM sports, but other local college sports news will be included as well.”

The station also has plans to partner with outside organizations to create more unique programming.

KMSC also will be providing DJs with the opportunity to use their time at the station for college credit, in efforts to stir up more interest.

Campus News has always had its stage in Flora Frick. Although their facilities were not affected by the renovation, Campus News Program Director Aaron Quanbeck is excited about the change in proximity to the Advocate and KMSC as well.

“I think it’s good to have everything together so we can showcase the hands-on projects students take part in,” he said.

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