Theater company performs Tuesday

by Jambara Qualah

As homecoming shifts into the last week of Hispanic Heritage Month, a live performance by the Mixed Blood Theatre will incorporate more diversity into the week. They’ll be performing “MINNECANOS.”

The production about an irascible old man uses the memorabilia of his life to introduce his great-granddaughter and the audience to their shared heritage. Brimming with energetic corridas (story-songs), some touching themes of reconciliation and more than a little humor, this buoyant celebration of Chicano cultural history spans a century in Minnesota and beyond.

“MINNECANOS” is roughly 45 minutes in length. General manager and director of touring Charlie Moore said “MINNECANOS” is an entertaining look at Chicano celebration and its history.

The theater company was established in 1976 and has been touring for 34 years. MSUM has hosted its performances in the past.

Coordinator of multicultural affairs in the office of diversity and inclusion Olivia Matthews said a representative from the Mixed Blood Theatre contacted the ODI about scheduling a performance of “MINNECANOS” on campus this fall.

“Theater productions are popular at MSUM, so we thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate Hispanic culture and traditions during the heritage month, while also ensuring that the maximum number of students, staff and faculty possible could attend and benefit from the performance,” Matthews said.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated nationally every year Sept. 15 – Oct. 15. This year, the ODI hosted several events like Fiesta de Dragones and a Day of the Dead Workshop to celebrate Hispanic culture and history. Matthews said “MINNECANOS” is the last event for Hispanic Heritage Month and happens during Homecoming week. The homecoming committee has been helping to promote the performance.

Matthews said this production is beneficial because MSUM is a primarily white institution. Productions of this nature help to ensure that students and faculty learn about different cultures, traditions and perspectives.

“MSUM is committed to embedding diversity in all facets of the university, so offering educational opportunities, such as this one helps create a more inclusive campus environment for all members of the community,” Matthew said.

“MINNECANOS” is performed Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Gaede Stage. The production is free and open to the public. Performers will be available to answer questions from the audience immediately following the performance.

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