Casting a wide net


Martin Schlegel

The 2018 MSUM football recruiting class alone could field their own football team.

On Wednesday, a total of 60 student-athletes have signed on to continue their football career as a Dragon. The number of signees nearly matches the total of the last two recruiting classes combined.

Student-athletes from eight states (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri and Florida) make up the 2018 recruiting class with the most coming from Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

In past years, head coach Steve Laqua has said his strategy is “to target and get some of the best Division II players in the area.” Past recruiting classes reflected just that: a focus on local athletes from Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding towns such as Wahpeton, Sioux Falls and Detroit Lakes.

However, this class features a more widespread group.

“Interest in our program is at an all-time high,” Laqua said. “I think we have consistently treated people well over our years here, and now we are seeing the fruits of that.”

In the last three years, Laqua has recruited up-and-comers Jonathan Kabambi, Casey Paskey, Miles Baggett, Grady Bresnahan and Jakup Sinani. With a huge 2018 recruiting class, Laqua and company should have plenty of talent waiting in the wings.

Treating people well and a steadily improving football program are likely contributing factors for this massive class and a selling point for Laqua in future recruiting endeavors.

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