Twin Dragons: Brothers, Identical in More Ways Than One

You may have seen twins, but it’s not every day you see twins on the same college football team. And both biology majors. And both aiming to be doctors.

Meet the Delbrune twins.

MSUM junior football players Malique and Devante Delbrune have always been close to one another, and pushed each other to be the best. They even live together off campus.

In high school, Malique went out for track and, of course, Devante did too. Although they started off as the slowest, they were competitive—especially with each other—and ended up pushing each other to run faster.

Since grade school the two have played chess, participated in track, and joined basketball and football teams together. From this competition grew an incredible bond between the brothers. From the time they were young, it had always been one of their goals to continue playing football with each other, and now they’ve achieved that goal.

Growing up in Moorhead, they decided to continue their educations in their hometown.

“We’re home-grown boys,” said the twins. Staying near home was an important part in their college decision.  The brothers have always been heavily supported by their parents. Their dad, Frantz, always gave them pointers and ran drills with them.

Photo by:
Lexie Kennedy

Additionally, when they were younger, they weren’t allowed to go to practice unless their homework was done. Malique and Devante credit their academic success to their parents for holding them accountable. Throughout their time at MSUM, they have received NSIC All-Academic Team accolades as well as making it on the Dean’s List the past few years.

Their competitiveness continues off the field, as well. Originally, Devante didn’t want to be a doctor, but Malique convinced him to pursue the profession, and now they’re in the same major. They will be taking their Medical College Admission Tests (MCAT) in the spring. The results will help them decide which medical schools they will apply to.   

Whether it came to wrestling around the house with each other or competing on the track, they’ve always found a way to chirp at each other. Now that they’re in college, they’ve pushed each other more than ever and lean on each other all the time.

Not only are they successful in the classroom, but throughout their three years at MSUM they’ve been successful on the field, bringing a ton of energy and light to the team.

 “It’s fun to play with the Delbrunes,” said MSUM football teammate Ethan Gerbig. “They always bring a positive and enthusiastic vibe to practice and games.”

 For now, you can catch Malique and Devante in the library studying away or on the field preparing for the rest of the football season.


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