“Kid Vision”: MSUM Student Hip-Hop Artist

By: Alexis Walstrom, walstromal@mnstate.edu

Graduating in 2020, like his vision for the future, Zachary Buresh, or Kid Vision, is a junior at MSUM with a passion for making music. He started out writing a bunch of lyrics, not intending to make them into songs. Eventually, Buresh found a friend who makes beats, so he started rapping his lyrics over them.

“My name is ‘Kid Vision’ because one of (the) lyrics I wrote a long time ago was ‘I’m just a kid with a vision.’” Buresh said. He also said he found himself writing a lot about the future, which was a perfect fit for his name.

“I just want to spread a positive message about the future,” he said.

From Lakeville, Minnesota (about 20 minutes south of the Twin Cities) Kid Vision currently has three mixtapes out, which are all available for streaming on Sound Cloud. His first mixtape, “Antecedent,” came out in 2016 when he was still in high school. Though his major at MSUM is Computer Sciences, Buresh didn’t stop making music once he got to college. “The Evil Within” was released in the spring of 2017 towards the end of his freshman year. His most recent mixtape, “Blank Canvas,” came out on March 1, 2018.

Kid Vision is currently an unsigned, independent hip-hop artist, though he does have a manager who helps him with networking and meeting other musicians. The two have been working together with a producer on making all of the beats and lyrics for his upcoming debut album, which is to be titled “Farsighted.” It’s slated to be released in March of 2019, almost exactly a year after “Blank Canvas” came out.

This will be the first ‘album’ Buresh is releasing as “Kid Vision,” and will be featuring quite a few other rhythm and blues and pop artists on various tracks.

“It’s just me and my friends that will be featured on the album,” he said.

Just this week, Buresh performed officially as “Kid Vision” for the first time. On Dec. 6, he  performed at The Aquarium in Fargo, North Dakota as a part of their “Aqua Gives Back” series.

Every Thursday in December, The Aquarium will host a night with a different theme for the performances. All of the proceeds from the $5 “floor fees” will go to a different charity or organization in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

The theme for the night of Dec. 6 was “Hip-Hop,” where six other artists from around the area—and Minneapolis—performed alongside Kid Vision. Each artist got a 20-minute set, which is about seven songs depending on their length. Other featured artists that night were Dee Bomb, who is coming in from Minneapolis, Kipp G, Stan Cass HuckFin, Morplay Katana and Durow.

More information on these events can be found on the Facebook page for The Aquarium and online at www.kidvisionmusic.com. Kid Vision’s music can also be found at this website and on Sound Cloud.


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