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The cannabis plant has been used by humans for hundreds of years, so why is CBD only now becoming a national trend?  

What is CBD?

According to Harvard Health, CBD (cannabinoidol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. If you smoke cannabis, CBD is responsible for giving you a calm and relaxed feeling. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for giving you the high associated with cannabis.  

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Research has shown that CBD has many health benefits including having antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, inhibiting cancer cell growth, being neuro-protective, reducing seizures and convulsions, lowering blood sugar levels and inflammation, relieving pain and decreasing anxiety and depression.  

According to drugpolicy.org, the main reason CBD is only now becoming a national trend is because of the stigma that has been placed on cannabis due to government regulation in the early 1900s. When the plant was brought to the United States by Mexican immigrants, the decision was made to claim cannabis, when smoked, referred to by Mexicans as ‘marihuana,’ is highly addictive and causes violence.

Drugpolicy.org also states that The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was later enacted and made cannabis a Schedule 1 drug among others such as heroin and methamphetamines. Although CBD is now federally legal, and medical or recreational cannabis use is now legal in some states, there are other states that still prohibit the selling of CBD products due to its history.  

Finding CBD products in the F-M area

Interview with worker at CBD of Moorhead

Four stores that sell CBD products have recently opened up in the F-M area. One store in particular, CBD of Moorhead, sells several varieties of CBD products. The store says that it is a great way to naturally relieve ailments and restore your body to homeostasis.

An article by Scientific American states, “Homeostasis, from the Greek words for ‘same’ and ‘steady,’ refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain stable conditions necessary for survival.” The article also says that these processes can maintain important bodily functions such as temperature, oxygen, water, sugar and salt levels.

CBD of Moorhead’s manager, Carly Petrovic, explained that CBD is either hemp derived or cannabis derived.

“Hemp derived is when they cold press the hemp seeds, so it is a little less efficient that way. Whereas cannabis derived comes straight from the plant, so it’s more potent and still live,” Petrovic stated. 

There are many different forms of ingestion, and the product you should choose depends on the kind of relief you’re looking for.

According to Petrovic, CBD of Moorhead is the only store in the F-M area that sells water-soluble CBD. It has a higher absorbency rate of 75-90% due to your body being mostly made up of water, making it more effective and their most popular and expensive product.  

Petrovic said oil soluble CBD tinctures are sublingual ingestion that you place underneath your tongue with an absorption rate of 6-30%.

“CBD is broken down by your metabolic enzymes, so everyone has a different dose,” Petrovic said. “It is trial and error to figure out what your best dose is starting out.”

Another popular way of ingesting CBD is through gummies and hard candies. You can either ingest the CBD sublingually from the coating of the hard candies or ingest the gummies and let your liver break down the CBD enzymes.  

According to Petrovic, edibles have a more calming and relaxed effect and are most commonly used for anxiety relief and help with sleeping.  

“There are two types of CBD” Petrovic said, “CBD that has that small legal amount of 0.3%. THC is considered full spectrum because it uses all of the cannabinoid cell but not enough to give you psychoactive effects.”

Petrovic said the second type is broad spectrum which does not contain any THC and is 100% CBD, making it best for anxiety.  

Some negative effects of overuse of THC can be fought with CBD. 

Petrovic stated, “CBD is a counter-activator for THC because it counteracts that high effect and brings you down.”   

CBD of Moorhead’s skin care line includes eye cream, moisture and blemish serum, skin rollers and lotions

Petrovic said CBD also has age-defying properties demonstrated in the store’s skincare line including eye creams for fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. CBD also has cell regenerating purposes, and CBD of Moorhead’s serums take care of pain, inflammation, redness, scarring, and clean out the pores.

According to Petrovic, topical CBD in the form of lotions are the most well-known products because some people are still skeptical about using CBD and prefer to not ingest it. At the same time, they are the least effective. 

“Water soluble has about a twelve hour relief rate, hard candies and gummies are about three to four hours, and lotions are two to three hours” Petrovic said.  

According to Petrovic, the body lotions are best for relieving muscle pain and skin problems including eczema

Petrovic said that inhalation through electronic vape pens (e-pens) is the fastest form of relief that will give you effects in forty-five seconds or less. The e-pens are like vapes used for nicotine inhalation. CBD of Moorhead’s e-pens do not contain nicotine and only include natural ingredients.

“Inhalation is a quick fix, but it doesn’t last very long. It’s usually for someone who wants to feel the effects while they’re waiting for another product to kick in,” Petrovic said.  

The e-pen products are disposable, and the e-juice includes natural terpenes that have medicinal effects. You can choose from Calm, Euphoria, Sleep, Focus or Relief, and the e-juice comes in flavors such as natural, blueberry, strawberry and cherry. 

Petrovic said the CBD tea is the cheapest product in the store starting at fifteen dollars and has three cups per package, yet is still high in milligram content.  

There are common misconceptions about CBD

According to Petrovic, the largest misconception about CBD is that you could get high from using the products. This is entirely false. You could eat an entire bottle of full-spectrum candies and not feel any psychoactive effects. You do not need a medicinal marijuana card or prescription to buy CBD. 

“Another misconception is that it isn’t legal to take it in another state besides Minnesota. This is also false. It’s federally legalized and TSA approved, so you can take it anywhere” Petrovic said, “But most people are still pretty skeptical about it.”  

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The benefits of CBD broken down. Photo courtesy of alpha-cat.org

What do college students think of CBD products?

Ten MSUM students were given a questionnaire about CBD and asked whether they’ve used it, what products they’ve used, and for those who never have, whether they’d consider using it. 

Out of the ten students, six of them have not used CBD. Only one of the six students said they would not be open to trying it because it seems like a fad. The four students who do use CBD use it in the form of inhalation, oil or gummies for anxiety, stress and sleep.  

“Marijuana is not a fad” Petrovic said, “I think once the stigma dies down and people realize you’re not getting high, you’re not a lazy stoner, there are a lot of great benefits to CBD without that negative aspect that people are always trying to bring into it. Then they’ll come around to it a little bit more.”  

You can visit CBD of Moorhead and view their products at 2901 S Frontage Road, Moorhead, MN

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