Personal Panache


Everyone has their own look, taste and style. Sometimes it’s a part of their identity. One’s personal style can be a great outlet for individualism, creativity or emotion.

For some, that style isn’t quite complete without a little panache.

Panache, according to the Oxford dictionary, is “flamboyant confidence of style or manner.”

In this column, we will be meeting people with just that—personal panache. Throughout a series of questions, the subject of the week will allow us to not only see into their sense of fashion, but also into what makes them who they are. Included in each style report will, of course, be a gallery of photos ranging from favorite outfits to “can’t leave the house without” essentials.

Remember, style is not exclusive to clothing. One can absolutely have panache with accessories, hairstyles or makeup, and we absolutely want to know about them.

You may be wondering, “how will we choose whose closet to dive into?”

Well, with your help, of course. If you know someone whose confidence catches your eye, or someone whose unique flair deserves the spotlight for a few hundred words, let us know!

Style is simply a specific manner of doing something, so anyone who is willing to let us in on the secret to their design is welcome to.

I am excited to begin this adventure with you all, and I will attempt to find a word other than “style” to use in the next column.

Until next time, keep your eyes out for some dragons with panache!

If you know someone who may want to be featured in Personal Panache, please email: with their name and email, and we will be in touch soon!

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