Celebrate all cultures throughout the year

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At the end of last month, I was approached by my friend, Neo. He asked me to be a guest speaker at the event they were holding in honor of Black history month. I happily accepted the challenge and began searching for ways to resonate my appreciation for this month. I wanted to empower my peers to feel the same as I do. I wanted to inform people, my people, on how lost our culture is, especially in our generation now.

We are ignorant about the past, not only in my culture but in others’ as well. One man made a rude comment on black history month, suggesting that we are the only culture that has a month. However, he doesn’t know that most of the cultures in America have a month dedicated to them, including America Indian, Asian American, Hispanic and even Irish. These months aren’t known to most because few seize the opportunity to celebrate them. Although my culture is guilty of the same sometimes, we still try to give the culture its dues.

I firmly believe that no culture should be just celebrated within one month but throughout the entire year. Although, I think it is a good that we have a month set aside to do so. I believe that every culture is special and a part of what makes our country great, so why not celebrate them all?

I am happy that my culture has a month set aside for dedication, but it’s our job to make sure we recognize it throughout the year, not just in one month. I feel our generation is so focused on now and what’s popular in the present that they overlook where we have come from. My mother always said to me growing up, “In order to get where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been.”

We need to know more about our culture and less about celebrities or the latest fashion. In every culture, there are many people who have paved the way to celebrate their unique culture. We can thank them by learning about our culture throughout the year.


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