Letter to the editor: The truth behind the ‘Nyan Cat’

Many people will watch it just for the pleasure of annoying a friend as that friend is trying to study.

Many people will play its 10-hour loop as a test to see how long it is before they can’t take it anymore and have to turn it off.

Many people will watch it just for the enjoyment of seeing a cat with the body of a Poptart fly through the galaxy, leaving behind him a trail of rainbow.

But few people truly understand the meaning of the Nyan Cat, a meaning that is both beautiful and inspirational.

It’s rather unfortunate that the Nyan Cat is so unfairly judged by the world. Despite having millions of views and successful merchandise, the exploitation of the popular character is always portrayed with negativity.

Many YouTubers use Nyan Cat to annoy others by playing it on loops for hours, or fooling people with its URL link by pretending it’s an important message from the president.

I’ve heard so many negative things said about Nyan Cat from many of my friends and acquaintances, and I ask, why?

The Nyan Cat represents much more than what people seem to realize. He represents hope, freedom and the courage to be yourself.

Why does Nyan Cat run through the galaxy? What is his destination? Where does he plan to go? We may never know the true answer, but we can understand why.

He has a specific goal and a dream. How do you achieve those goals and dreams? By going out there, doing it and proving you can. The stars in space shown in the video are much larger than regular stars.

Maybe those stars symbolize the Nyan Cat’s dreams. Maybe Nyan will run forever, but even if forever is how long it’ll take, he will not give up. Because even if you can’t do: try.

Perhaps Nyan Cat doesn’t care about his destination. He is just living in the now. He has the time, obviously.

Maybe it’s just going wherever the galaxy will take it. Maybe Nyan Cat just wants to run free and that’s the beauty of it. He does what he wants, and he doesn’t care what people have to say.

Freedom of expression is one of our greatest privileges and Nyan Cat wears that badge of freedom proudly.

Nyan Cat also represents the courage to be yourself. Not all cats were born with Poptart bodies. I’d even bet to say no cats are born with Poptart bodies. Nyan Cat is, but does he care? The constant smile on his face tells us no.

Was Nyan Cat given the gift of rainbow power at birth, or is it something he created on its own? Could Nyan Cat be openly LGBT? If he is, good for him. I’d certainly be proud to live in a galaxy where Poptart cats are able to stand up to judgments and openly express who they are with pride.

You can’t change Nyan Cat because Nyan Cat doesn’t want to be changed. Nobody should change who he or she is.

I’d like to think that’s what Nyan Cat is singing about. Most humans can’t understand the language of “meow,” meaning we can easily misunderstand the true context of the Nyan Cat’s song.

If only cats could speak English or humans could speak cat. Then we could truly grasp the message of the Nyan Cat, and our hearts and minds could grow with every word sung.

Nyan Cat teaches us so much about life: to believe in our dreams, to shed the fear of exploring new areas of life and to be ourselves no matter how tall or small, short or fat, gay or straight, black or white, or Poptart body or no Poptart body.

We shouldn’t change who we are; we should embrace it. Nyan Cat is a beacon of hope for everyone. If some people can’t see that, they must either be ignorant or blind.

Learn from The Nyan Cat, grow from The Nyan Cat and never underestimate the small things, even if they play on a loop for far longer than you can mentally handle.

Jakob Kolness 

MSUM sophomore

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