MSUM musician shines bright with ‘Midnight Lights’

Goers is a folk pop singer-songwriter. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Goers is a folk pop singer-songwriter. SUBMITTED PHOTO

It’s rare to find a musician who is both passionate and practical.

Rachael Goers is both, plus so much more.

A music industry and business senior, Goers has had a pervasive career at MSUM and in the Fargo- Moorhead area. She is the president of the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association, performer at several open mic nights, studio producer, venue manager at Studio 222, and now, the leading lady of a new band.

Rachael Jane and the Midnight Lights is a pop rock band formed after Goers realized she wanted to have a group to support her sound. This band is made up of Goers, Alex Johnson, Westley Johnson and Lance Green, Goers was inspired to have a well-rounded sound to balance out her style.

“I wanted to move more into blues, pop rock kind of sound,” Goers said. “I write lyrically, with the vocals and the rhythm guitar. Then I bring my song to the band, play it. Once they hear it, they have their ideas, and we jam around a while until we get a sound we like.”

Rachael Jane and the Midnight Lights is slated to premiere on Facebook in the next week, with a performance preliminarily planned for March 21 at Studio 222.

In October, her first album as a solo artist, “Everything,” was released after teaming up with Tyler Gardin, an MSUM alum. The duo was able to cut several songs in the recording studio in the Center for the Arts and piece together an album that Goers says has elements of folk and pop. “Everything” has seven songs, all penned by Goers herself, and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon; it is also streamed live on ReverbNation.

While her love for performing is unwavering, Goers is realistic about her music. Her classes focus on the business and management side of the industry, which she hopes will provide the knowledge she needs to succeed in the real world.

“It’s all about doing it,” Goers said. “The classes are kind of tough, but they have done a really great job of getting hands on experience.”

In order to truly prepare for the work force, Goers has pursued internships in music business and management.

“Nobody is going to provide it for you; you have to search out those opportunities,” she said.

Her dream is to become a performer, but her goal is to work for recording labels as an artist manager or concert planner. For her, success hinges on work ethic and determination.

“You need to keep pushing and learning from as many people as you can. Network, and create situations and opportunities for yourself. I’ve taken the time to cultivate friendships, both personally and professionally, and it’s gotten me where I am today.”


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