Fargo-Moorhead goes vegan

TGI Friday’s makes a vegetarian burger made with a black bean patty.
TGI Friday’s makes a vegetarian burger made with a black bean patty.

As vegetarian and veganism become more popular, herbivores have many choices in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Fargo-Moorhead offers a variety of vegetarian friendly dishes. Some of them are found in the least likely places.

Veggie lovers now have their choice of everything from burgers to pizza, just like their omnivore friends.

Burgers are a college student staple. Patties made from black beans can be found at TGI Friday’s and even Grill 151 on campus. For those willing to splurge a little, the HoDo has a wild rice burger on their menu.

The Red Raven specializes in vegan sandwiches. Go there to snack on a chickpea or artichoke and hummus sandwich.

Pizza joints are also hopping on the veggie wagon. Rhombus Guys and Pizza Nico’s have vegan options made with non-dairy cheese.

Ethnic restaurants are good places to keep in mind when searching for the perfect vegetarian dish. Thai Orchid, Aladdin’s Cafe and India Palace all have vegan and vegetarian options listed on the menu.

Noodle joints also have many options. Practically all the dishes at Drunken Noodle or Noodles and Company can be made without meat.

Hot Spot in the CMU Underground always has vegetarian options. They serve up everything from stir-fry to tex-mex.

A lot of places have options not available on the menu. Keep in mind that asking questions never hurts. Many restaurants are willing to adapt dishes to vegan or vegetarian dietary needs.


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