Tennis team serves up first full season under new head coach


Junior Kaitlin McNary volleys for the Dragons in a home match. Photo courtesy of Dragon Athletics

The MSUM women’s tennis team has completed its first full season under head coach Oliver Summers.

The team finished the season with a win over University of Minnesota, Crookston 5-4.

“It was really good to finish the season with a win,” Summers said.

The team had to deal with injuries to players and lineup changes throughout the season, affecting both the singles and doubles lineups.

The injuries and lineup didn’t change how hard the team worked day in and day out.

“I couldn’t be happier with the girls’ work ethic, it was second to none,” Summers said.

Playing in both the fall and spring seasons, the team had opportunities to improve each season.

Summers said the team got better each time they stepped on the court and gave it their all each time.

“We lost the top three players from last season and didn’t have too many recruits coming into the season … the girls did really well,” Summers said.

The highlights of the season were getting the first win over University of Minnesota-Duluth and finishing the season with a win.

Summers said the team could build off of this season for next year and beyond.

“Each player improved on their fundamentals and that is going to help next season,” Summers said.

Summers is looking forward to next season when the team will be able to take  advantage of extra practice and scheduling more matches for the players.

Summers said the team was better in singles play this year and will look to focus more on doubles play next year.

“You have to be able to play point-by-point and stay in the moment,” Summers said.

Summers also said that the team improved with its strategy on the court and how to give the best effort they could each time.

Summers said the weather didn’t really affect the team and said the team has a great facility in Alex Nemzek Fieldhouse to practice and play in.

With four freshman, two sophomores and two juniors  on the team this year, Summers is looking for them all to return along with recruiting new players to the MSUM tennis team for next season.

“We’re really excited about where we are going,” Summers said.

Summers credits the team’s overcoming of injuries and changes to the lineup for finishing the season strong.

The team finished the season with an overall 3-10 record.


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