Fargo-Moorhead provides unique summer

Leave the boring 1960s bowling and other conventional date ideas for last summer. The secret to a great summer date is keeping it unique and exciting while trying to show a taste of personality and staying within a budget. These “out-of-the-ordinary” date ideas will surely keep your summer romance asking for a second and third date.

For the frugal flames 

Go thrift shopping. Since Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” hit the radio, thrift shopping has been all the rage. Join the trend and head to a second hand store with your date. Pick out the tackiest shirt possible for each other. Then, wear your new shirts for the rest of the date. The laughs will be worth the embarrassment.

COST: $1 to $20 per T-shirt.

For country cuties 

Milk a cow. Those who didn’t grow up on a farm probably don’t have experience milking a cow. However, that doesn’t need to hold anyone back. Ask family members or friends who farm, or local dairy farmers to find those who are willing to lend a dairy cow. This would be a great idea if both daters haven’t milked a cow. Even if one has, it will provide the couple a chance to experience something new together.

COST: Priceless

For culinary admirers

Create a one-of-a-kind dish. Go to the grocery store and buy some random ingredients that you may not have used before. Then, return home and surf the Internet for recipes that you’ll both like, or just start cooking and see what happens. If it doesn’t taste great, just laugh it off and make a pizza.

COST: Average of $25 for both

For the adventurous duo

Become Fargo-Moorhead tourists. This date takes five things: cheap floral shirts, cameras, thick accents, a map and made-up names.

P r e t e n d to be tourists in the Fargo- Moorhead area with new names and a fake back-story. Surf www. fargomoorhead.org for exciting places to tour. It’s surprising how many exciting places the Fargo-Moorhead area has that many residents don’t know about. Go on an adventure and explore new restaurants and sites in the area.

COST: Floral shirt ($5 to $20), camera (free if borrowed or already have one), and maps (from the internet)

If you aren’t ready for such a creative date, add a taste of originality to a typical date. 

Stay in for a movie night, but don’t just sit on the couch. Build an indoor tent with chairs and blankets. Don’t forget to make s’mores.

For the competitive companions

Go bowling (or any sport). Make it a huge competition by forcing the loser to buy lunch and the winner gets to pick what to do on the second date. That promises a second date and a way for that awkward “who pays” not to be so uncomfortable. In addition, make bets on other people’s games across the lanes. Pointing out how your “bet” is going leaves many conversational fillers for those quiet moments.

For literary lovers

Go to a library or bookstore. Leave notes to future readers in random books. It’s a great way to find out your dates favorite books, which really shows a lot about each other’s personalities.

Whatever you choose for your summer date, keep it light and fun.


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