AdvoEats: India Palace earns high marks

Mixed appetizer platter purchased for $9.95 at India Palace.

Mixed appetizer platter purchased for $9.95 at India Palace.

As an exchange student from England, I was kindly asked to review a new Indian restaurant in Fargo. That first sentence may sound confusing, and I am not usually one to stereotype, but British people love Indian food. We eat it all the time and can’t get enough of the stuff.

The restaurant is called India Palace and is situated on 13th Avenue South in Fargo. The smell of the food hit us instantly as we walked in, and the interior decor lived up to the restaurants name, as it was very pleasant and calm. We got to our table and the first thing the three of us noticed was that everything was spotless. We ordered our drinks, with my two friends ordering a Taj Mahal Beer and a hot Indian tea, whilst I opted for iced Indian tea. I would have had a beer, but unfortunately I am only 19, so I couldn’t. However, it was described to me as “good for a lager.” I really enjoyed the iced Indian tea. It was like nothing I had ever tried before. If you have never drank it, I would recommend trying it, as I was really surprised by how much I liked it.

We shared a mixed platter, which cost $9.95. It was very tasty indeed. I especially liked the vegetable samosa which was included. Then it was on to our main courses, the three of us shared a chicken tikka masala (extra hot), a fish vindalu (hot) and a lamb balti (hot), all with rice. We also had a mix of naan bread and poppadoms among them. Although all of these have different prices, the main courses averaged around $12 each, which isn’t a bad price. When you’re a student having to budget, this is considered a once-in-a-while treat, although students do get 10 percent off the total price, which is a bonus.

The food was truly irresistible. I really couldn’t fault it. My personal favorite was the vindalu with fish, as it tasted so much better than the curries I eat back in England. None of us had a bad word to say about the food. It was great. You could tell all the meat and the fish in the curries was of good quality. Not to mention how brilliant the customer service was, our glasses were constantly being filled up with water, the friendly staff always made sure we were happy, offering us more rice and asking if we needed any more spices.

We all left feeling more than satisfied. I would definitely take a trip to India Palace again. It made a nice change compared to having Kise for another dinner. Fantastic food, perfect place, superb staff; I would give India Palace an 8.5 out of 10.


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