Non-art major works as freelance cartoonist



Choung’s images such as this one, can be found on

Double majoring is not a simple task. For senior Jade Choung, this is true, but she still finds time to do what she loves: drawing.

Choung, when she isn’t busy with schoolwork, works as a freelance artist.

“Let’s say you have a character, and you are creating a story,” Choung explained. “You’d contact me, and I’d draw it up for you. I also am offering drawing lessons right now, more coloring lessons actually.”

Choung, although she has enjoyed drawing since her childhood, has been drawing digitally for only around three or four years.

“I used to do it all by hand,” Choung said, “but it’s a lot faster, so I’m leaning towards digital work. I’m not going to have it as my actual career, but it’s my hobby, and it makes money, so I do it.”

While it isn’t what she plans to do as a career, Choung still takes her artwork very seriously.

“I actually have about 60 drawings to do by Dec. 17,” she said.

Choung’s freelance work is based on the popular website,

“ is kind of my like home, my art community,” she said.  “It’s a really popular site, where I can go and upload my art and get feedback. Based on my feedback, I got, I guess you can say, fans or people who really support me.”

Deviantart users are artists of all types.

“They can be photographers, writers, all sorts of people,” she said.  “So they will have characters that they already made, and they will want you to draw them, or redraw them.”

Choung’s “fans” are what drive her to continue drawing.

“I produce what they want to see,” she said.

One of Choung’s current projects is for one of her supporters who is in need of a bookcover.

“I have a supporter who is writing a series, and she is going to have it available to the public so she wants art with it,” she said.

Being a teaching English as a second

language and Spanish education major, Choung also has a great interest in other cultures and travels a lot, but that isn’t a problem for her work.

“I travel a lot, but I can work anywhere,” she said.

Choung brings her 256 GB drawing tablet with her everywhere.

“It’s my life,” she laughed.

Choung plans to continue drawing and traveling the world as much as she can.

“I’m young, and I can,” Choung said.  “If my hobby makes me money while I’m on the go, I have a way to make money while I travel, why not do it?” she laughed. “I don’t need a cane right now, so…”

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