People need to be aware of consumption

Andrew Thomason
Andrew Thomason

Conscious consumption is an idea. You should only consume what you need to survive, nothing more. It is an idea which can affect every part of your life and can lead you to realize what you do have, so that others may have more.
Only consuming what you need should be a practice that we all embrace. We are not alone on this planet, and we should learn to act with conservation, so there is enough for everybody.
When eating, conscious consumption is best practiced when ordering. When you eat at a nice restaurant, the prevailing concept is to order big and celebrate. What would happen, though, if you only ordered enough to fill yourself? What would happen with the food left unordered?
Someone else would order it, of course. However, the chain reaction would result in the restaurant ordering less food. If less food is ordered, it may result in the food being made available to those in need.
When we drive or burn other natural resources, we should practice conscious consumption. When driving, practice targeted stops.
If you have several errands to run in town, park so that you are able to walk to several different stores, so you do not have to get in your car several times. Take the bus when you can. As a student at MSUM, you are able to ride the bus for free. From campus it is one transfer to get to West Acres.
When operating air conditioning, work the thermostat so that you are comfortable, not cold.
It is important to have a balance in your life; to live, work and spend time with family. When you strike this balance, you realize that pursuit of money does not matter.
Making more than your neighbor should not be a priority. When you make less money, you spend less money. This means when you do spend money, you do it consciously, being aware of every dollar you spend.
There are several thrift stores around Fargo-Moorhead that can help you spend your money more efficiently. Make yourself aware of these stores this Christmas season; make a goal of shopping there for at least one gift. Many of these stores support local nonprofits.

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