Novum replaces PRACS


After PRACS declared bankruptcy and closed its doors last year, many students found themselves without a convenient way to earn cash. Now Novum, another Contract Research Organization, provides research services again, offering participants high cash rewards.

Novum facilities at 4801 Amber Valley Parkway, Fargo, N.D., is now open to study.

Novum facilities at 4801 Amber Valley Parkway, Fargo, N.D., is now open to study.

Like PRACS, Novum’s studies are very similar. They conduct three types of studies: Outpatient, Topical/Skin and PK-Bioequivalence. These studies can be as brief as two days or last as long as three to six weeks. Some studies require overnight stays and blood draws, while some do not.

Leah Rabe, social work senior, particapted in a Novum study last weekend and received $400; $300 for the study and $100 for referring a friend. This was money she said she couldn’t have made working that weekend.

Rabe particapated in a derm/topical skin study. When asked if she would go back she said yes.

“It’s an easy way to make a quick,  easy $300,” she said. “It’s not bad. It’s boring, but it’s not terrible if you have a friend.”

Music and design senior, Theresa Boyle, went to PRACS last year to do a study and says she will probably go to Novum.

“I really liked that I got several hundred dollars after just two weekends of work,” Boyle said.  “I was able to have my laptop and watch movies while doing it, and they give you free food.”

Free food is also a tradition that Novum carries out, however unlike PRACS, all meals at Novum are catered in from various local restaurants. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening snack. Rabe said one night they brought in Pizza Ranch.

Because there is a large sum of money offered in a short amount of time, the studies are very appealing to students. Novum also encourages to bring things to do like homework, or a computer, so participants don’t get bored.

Boyle, who did her study over two weekends at PRACS, did a study that required blood draws, and said they did at least 36 draws.

Though there are many positives about participating in a study, Boyle said that there is a negative side. “I didn’t like how bruised my arms got, and how sometimes the practitioners weren’t very gentle,” she said. “They would just kind of grab my arm and jab the needle in, and I couldn’t donate plasma for a while after because my arms were bruised so bad.”

Those who are interested in doing a study should contact the facility to see if they are a fit for a study before participating. Contact the facility at 701-356-6290 or online at

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