Timberlake brings sexy back at sold-out Fargodome


Justin TimberlakeThere was not an empty seat in the Fargodome last Friday night as Justin Timberlake brought sexy back to Fargo. Timberlake’s tour “The 20/20 Experience” was eye opening to say the least. If his moves and strong vocals weren’t enough, his band, “The Tennessee Kids,” along with his sexy backup dancers certainly helped make the show a memorable one.

Timberlake’s show opened with some energy pumping mixes by DJ Freestyle. With the crowd already stoaked to see Timberlake, the addition of some club music (and not to mention a few drinks) had everyone on their feet.

When Timberlake took the stage, Fargo welcomed him with open arms. Not only was the audience beside itself with joy because of Timberlake’s undeniably flashy stage presence, but the additon of the visually intreguing  wall behind him did nothing but increase it. The wall not only showed blown up images of the performance for those who were too far away to see Justin himself, but created an exciting backdrop, with flashing lights, scenery, pre-recorded video and views from extreme angles, such as the keys of Timberlake’s piano.

Timberlake’s stage also included an entire section that was raised and then moved across the crowd, allowing those in the back of the dome to see Justin and his dancers closer.

In the center of the dome was a special VIP Lounge, where audience members could get up close and personal with Timberlake during part of the concert.

Timberlake’s interaction with the audience was not just limited to the “VIPs” though. It was obvious that he made his best effort to have every person in the dome enjoy themselves, taking breaks to address the crowd with his famous sense of humor.

“The last time I was here was 1999,” Timberlake said. “We all grew up, huh?”

Timberlake, of course, couldn’t let Fargoians forget how crazy we are for living in such a frozen tundra.

“It’s cold as f&$% outside,” he said. “You guys could have warned me.”

Timberlake’s line up of music included a vast array of songs from his older hits such as “Sexy Back,” “Love Stoned/ I Think She Knows” and “Cry Me A River,” to music from his  newest album such as “Mirrors,” “TKO” and “Suit & Tie.” Timberlake also performed some covers such as Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” and Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” making the show enjoyable for all types of people.

Although he is seen as a sex symbol by many, Timberlake also is a vastly talented musician. Throughtout his performance he played guitar and piano, as well as dancing hard and belting with his unique voice. Timberlake proved to be quite the entertainer.

While Timberlake left the audience entertained and pretty partied out, the audience members were not the only people to enjoy friday night’s concert. Almost immediately after the show,

Timberlake tweeted, “Fargo was rocking tonight!!! Me and @THETNKIDS (The Tennessee Kids) loved the energy you brought! Thank you for a great night.”

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