Letter to the Editor: 125th Anniversary of Minnesota State University, Moorhead


Arise ye! Old ghosts, of students long forgotten, the time has come.

With worn brick, the likes of which hold stories that will never be known or told, and memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Through summer’s heat and winter’s snow, we remain. We have stood the test of time; together we boldly stand with our backs against the wind, and we shall remain.

Through great statesman of days gone by, with forgotten speeches and lost words, we remain. Together draped in passionate red and gleaming white, we shall remain, just as we have always remained.

Under diligent lock and key our gates have stood the test of time, we remain.
Hush, and be still ye lords and ladies, of years long since passed, remain. For the heart of the Dragon lies in the eyes of it’s Kings.

“And the truth shall make you free”

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