Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal to Kappa Sigma being unworthy of Dragon Pride Award


The anonymous opinion article presented in the Advocate, which spoke of Kappa Sigma’s wrongful commendation as “Student Organization of the Month,” is one that is painful to read.  As a brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, I find this type of attack to be both uninformed and hateful.  Our organization is not new to the game of defending its character, but an outside observer, who has only viewed our actions by peering in, through Facebook of all standpoints, has no legitimate claim to denounce our Organization being recognized.  Our Brotherhood is comprised of some of the best men on campus, which of course is my personal opinion.  We have men who serve honorably in the Military, the Student Senate, the Dragon Entertainment Group, and Residence Life, to name a few.  We have men who consistently bring our Chapter honor by being on the Dean’s List, by being recognized as “Student Leaders of the Month,” and by serving our community through THOUSANDS of service hours.  Our organization has served MSUM in many capacities, and as a conglomerate of individual student leaders, is definitely deserving of recognition.  The Dragon Pride movement, Campus traditions, and other actions stem from brothers of our organization.  Our individual merits bring credit to our name as a whole, and our service, loyalty, and devotion to this University and surrounding community are on par with other organizations that the OSA has recognized.  I  feel slightly disappointed that there are still students at MSUM who will formulate opinions about organizations, post them on a source of social media, and leave them to discredit a good name, simply out of misinformation and potential distaste.  I understand that Fraternities have a negative stigma, but I can assure the anonymous writer that the Sigma Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma is comprised of some of the most devoted Dragons out there, and that our actions as a whole bring good credit to our University, our Chapter, and ourselves.  These actions are then noticed by the University, and are recognized in such manners as the “Student Organization of the Month.”  We may not fit the criteria in your mind, but it is irresponsible to formulate an opinion based off of a misunderstanding of the depth of our commitment, our Facebook posts, and your inability to move past a stigma that we have tried so very hard to eradicate.  Please contact any of us if you have any questions about our actions.  An obvious misconception on your part can do more damage to us than you may believe.  I expect an apology, or the opportunity to discuss with you just how exactly you are wrong.  You have the right to share your opinion, but back it up before you put it out, especially when you are talking about something that you are not involved with.  Please at least do your fellow Dragons the courtesy of having real information before you spread bias and hate across the Advocate.

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