James Franco to come to MSUM; pities frozen students, willing to teach theatre students his ways


Actor. Scholar. Philanthropist. Friend. James Franco can do it all. The Oscar nominated star will be at MSUM Friday to speak to students and faculty about his experiences as a celebrity as a part of his tour titled “I’m James Franco”


James Franco poses with a crowd of students at a recent stop of his “I’m James Franco” tour.

Franco agreed to come to MSUM for free after hearing about the budget defi cit, which he heard about from his good friend Seth Rogen who follows MSUM student and Advocate section editor Ellen Rossow on Twitter.

Franco says he feels sorry for Moorhead students. “The weather seriously sucks up there, yo,” Franco laughed. “Those kids probably need all the uplifting words they can get.”

Franco intends to talk for a few hours about his favorite experiences of his career, as he has had so many.

“I mean, I won’t talk for 127 hours, but it’s going to be tough picking just a few things to talk about,” Franco laughed. “I have done, like, everything.”

Franco promises that his presentation will be enjoyable for students.

“I will always think of myself as a comedian,” he said. “Even though, lately, I’ve been challanging myself with more serious roles, I know that I am a really funny guy.”

Students and faculty are overjoyed at the idea of a beloved actor like Franco coming, especially after how fun of a time they had with Justin Timberlake.

“Dude. Timberlake was crazy,” fi lm senior Donny Donaldson said. “I can’t wait to see how cool Franco is going to be. Maybe he will hang out with us after he talks.”

Molly McMelon, an art sophomore, is excited for other reasons.

“He is such a good artist,” she said. “Plus he is so  unbelieveably hot. I mean, have you seen that smile? Yum.”

Franco’s appearance on campus coincides with MSUM’s rehearsals for their production of “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.” Because of his knowledge of the Spider-Man franchise, Franco feels as though he has knowledge to share with those involved in the production.

“I played the best Harry Osborn ever,” Franco said. “I owe it to my fans to give them all the help I can.”

Franco knows that Spider-Man, especially a musical version, will be tough for MSUM to do.

“The roles in Spider-Man are really challanging,”  Franco said. “With even just a fraction of my knowledge, the show will be so good.”

Franco will be on the Hansen stage at 7 p.m. this Friday. No one will be admitted without a student ID, but admission is free.

As far as an after party is concerned, Franco has no comment. He does, however, promise to make time for autograph signings and the like.

“There will be potential for fans to take photos with me and junk like that,” he said. “I’m not a total dick.”

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