AfterDark holds annual halloween dance

By Laura Baier

Stores push costumes and candy, lawns sprout jack-o’-lanterns, and students buzz about their Halloween costume plans. All the while, AfterDark’s full-time staff and student volunteers are busy planning a safe and fun night for Dragons.
To kick off the holiday, the Dragon Entertainment Group will be hosting “Spooky Halloween Grocery Bag Bingo” on Wednesday night. Students will be able to enjoy some halloween treats, play bingo and have a chance to win groceries, as well as a prize for best costume. Bingo will take place in the CMU Ballroom 7 – 10 p.m.
Friday night, AfterDark  is hosting a Halloween dance 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. at Kise Commons. K-Hook Pirate Radio is DJing the event.
“Bumpin’ the Night” offers Halloween-themed food, activities, games, prizes, music, and a costume contest.
“We have a lot of creative activities for the event other than just the costume contest and the dance itself,” said Garrett Anderson, a graduate assistant on the AfterDark staff. “It’ll be a lot of fun.”
AfterDark is partnering with Sodexo and Kise for this event, and staff “is having a lot of fun advertising, decorating and pulling pranks on students to get them excited for Halloween,” said Erin Edinger, AfterDark graduate assistant.
Staff members aren’t the only ones looking forward to the event.
“I’m excited because it’s a fun and safe place to go on Halloween,” said freshman Caitlin Fisher. She and three friends will be bumpin’ the night as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
When doors open at 9 p.m., AfterDark hopes to see everyone there dressed in their best costume.
AfterDark advisor Mitch Johnson looks forward to helping AfterDark members with planning the Halloween dance every year.
“People get so into the event,” Johnson said. “Everyone dresses up, eats a lot of fun and unique food, and we always have such a great turnout.”
AfterDark has been hosting the Halloween dance since the start of the organization about eight years ago.
For more information about upcoming events, go to AfterDark’s Facebook page or webpage at
AfterDark is a once-a-month late-night programming activity designed to provide positive entertainment options on weekends.

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