Artist spotlight: Gantz

by Cameron Seibold

Hailing from Istanbul, Gantz is easily one of the most well regarded and creative dubstep producers in the underground.

He’s been releasing tracks on prestigious labels like Deep Medi, Innamind and System in only the past few years.

Known for his abilities in sculpting sub frequencies and off-the-wall percussion, he uses samples of organic stringed instruments and creates rhythmically complex beats that take influence from oldschool instrumental hip hop.

Gantz currently has the market cornered on the most original sounding bass music at 140 beats per minute and is fairly active with his online presence, bringing forth new mixes for various publications, as well as exclusive track previews and rough cuts on SoundCloud (not to mention amazing pictures of his cats on Instagram).

His release “Sounds of Istanbul” showcases the sounds of producers that hail from his native land. Conveniently, the tracks come as free downloads on his SoundCloud page. His mini-mix of unreleased tracks, clocking in at only seven minutes, gives a peek at the enigmatic producer’s unfinished products.

Each one sounds fit for a proper release, leaving listeners chomping at the bit for more. The rhythmic complexity of each track will leaves the listener wondering how a mere mortal  built these ideas from the ground up.

As writing about music often relies on comparison, it’s difficult to put into words just how interesting and unique Gantz’ sound is because he doesn’t sound like anyone else. So, if seeking something new and fresh to listen to, check out Gantz at and listen for yourself.

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