Valentine’s not only day to show love, appreciation

by Kelsey Ketterling

“He better get me flowers and chocolates.”

“I’m expecting jewelry — expensive jewelry.”

“I don’t care what I get, but I should get something.”

Ever since I can remember, Valentine’s Day has been my most hated holiday — if you can even call it a holiday. It’s the one day a year when people everywhere become crazed with the idea that they should be given expensive gifts and pounds of chocolate, and when their expectations of the day itself are almost never met.

Here’s why this holiday is stupid. Why is it just one day a year that you should expect your significant other to appreciate you? I’m not talking about always being showered with gifts, but simply being appreciated. Isn’t that what this holiday is supposed to be about? Or is it solely about the gifts?

What happened to telling someone you care about them every day of the year, not just on holidays or special occasions? It doesn’t have to be grand gestures of romance, just small acts of kindness to be thankful for.

Partners should constantly be showing each other they care. It’s a wonder what the simple words “I appreciate you did that,” can do.

Now, if you and your significant other have never said that before, he or she might look at you like you’re from outer space, but telling or showing someone that you appreciate them is really what this “holiday” is supposed to be about.

It drives me nuts hearing “I better get,” “I expect to get,”  and “He better take me to so-and-so.”

Even though I don’t believe in this holiday, I know it’s not supposed to be one-sided. To those out there who expected to get loads of flowers and chocolates, what did you plan on getting your significant other, if anything?

The last reason this particular day is stupid is because it gives single people the impression they should be sad they’re not in a relationship. The expectations are so high, it causes people who are not coupled to feel useless. What is so wrong with being single?

For the most part, holidays should be about bringing people closer together, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July and Easter. It shouldn’t be about separating the country into two groups: couples and singles. Why, if you are in one group rather than another, should you be made to feel badly on this “holiday?”

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should make it about each other. It should be about appreciation, not gifts.

And that appreciation can be shown to your loved ones any day of the year.

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