Performers come together for Take Back the Night

by Tyler Jensen

Performers energized the crowd at Take Back the Night last Thursday.

The night kicked off with a picnic on the campus mall before moving to the stage with a full line-up of performers.  All who performed talked about the importance of the event and others like it. 

Ska band No Thumbs Up returned for their second year in a row, playing Jamaican jazz-influenced punk rock. The band has a special connection to the event’s theme of ending sexual violence.

“I personally know a lot of people who have been hurt and violated, so it’s important to bring attention to it,” vocalist Shelby Bueno said over the crowd’s cheers.

The band’s next show is at the The New Direction on Roberts St. in Fargo on Sept. 30 at 7 p.m.

Another group returning to the event was MSUM’s Diversity Dance Crew, a group featuring students interested in learning to dance in a variety of styles. Diversity Dance Crew vice president Moses Weefur said the group’s range of dance styles is just what they say it is — diverse. For this event, the group primarily danced to hip-hop.

The dancers agree that Take Back the Night is an important event.

“Women are abused and hurt often,” president Lovelk Azlizeef said, adding how important it is to bring attention to the issue.

While the event’s subject matter was largely serious, Diversity Dance Crew members were also there to have fun with their “dance family.”

“It’s like family, we all love each other,” treasurer Tenabou Cissokho said.

Diversity Dance Crew’s next performance is at the Homecoming block party on Oct. 12.

Mic Jordan, a graphic communications alumnus, performed for much of the night. During the day he’s a stay-at-home dad for his four-month-old daughter, and at night he’s the marketing director of a construction company. On weekends and when he gets time off, he performs and speaks to  young adults on reservations like Turtle Mountain in North Dakota, where he grew up. 

Jordan’s primary themes are feminist issues, violence and mental health. As a suicide-attempt survivor, he urges people to seek help. Take Back the Night’s goal of ending sexual violence was reflected in Jordan’s song choices.

Much of his ideas are drawn from his personal life. According to Jordan, the birth of his daughter helped open his eyes to the dangers of sexual violence. He feels it’s important to address the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence and support those who are fighting it. 

Jordan is on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms under the name Mic Jordan Music.

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