Rainbows/Doom: Faculty Art Exhibit now showing in CA Gallery

by Kit Murray


A new exhibit opened at the CA gallery Thursday which showcases works from several faculty members. The exhibit is a fundraiser, with each piece sold funding art student scholarships.

The theme for the exhibition, which had its opening reception on Thursday, Oct. 1, is “Rainbows/Doom.” The theme asked the artists to consider good vs. bad. Having themed shows helps bring artists outside their comfort zone and encourages them to try and explore different artistic ideas and mediums. Lauren Kinney, director for the CA Gallery, has works in the exhibit and thinks the exhibits are a great experience.

“It gives a chance for faculty to  experiment and show their work, and for students to see the work that their faculty makes,” she said. 

One of Kinney’s works was a 3D piece made with felt which depicts a summer dish of corn and fruit, with flies resting on it. The food represents rainbows, the flies show doom. Other pieces include statues, digital works and even jewelry items.

Kinney shared another piece with her husband, Patrick, titled “Alligator Canoe.”

“The alligator is part of a series of animals that we’re doing in large-scale woodcut,” she said.  “He carves the outside of the animal and then I carve the inside. They’re all sort of ironic, kind of shaped like a canoe, then just go from there.”

The theme of “Rainbows/Doom” means something different to each of the artists. While Kinney’s pieces show both aspects of the theme, some artists focused entirely on rainbows, which makes their work peaceful and pleasing to the eye. A few artists focused on doom, where each piece or the entire collection portrays negativity, with heavy shadows and dark colors. Some works, however, encompassed both rainbows and doom.

“Some got into the theme more than others,” Kinney said.

Many people showed up from around the area to take a look at the pieces that were displayed at this year’s event.

To check out the Rainbows/Doom exhibit, visit the Rolland Dille Center for the Arts Gallery Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The exhibit will be in place until Oct. 22.

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