Gallery exhibition last hurrah for prospective art graduates

by  Crystal Branden and William Lewandowski

Graduating from college is a feat most students strive toward. For art students, the BA and BFA Exhibition in the Roland Dille Center for the Arts Gallery serves as a last hurrah before graduation. A show with unique works of art from students of various emphasises, it is a must-see event for all.

For these students, the exhibition is a chance to display their artwork to the community. Art major Oness Yusuf, whose emphasis is graphic design, will be graduating this December and is exhibiting a prototype app called Press Play.

“The exhibition is very important for students,” he said. “It’s their chance to show how much they’ve grown as an artist within their four years in college.”

Yusuf, who focuses on digital artwork, is highly inspired by Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, who challenges art and design in cutting-edge ways, he said. Finally giving him a chance to display his artwork to the public, he said the showcase provides an ecclectic array of art.

“It will be a great show,” said Yusuf. “There will be a diverse amount of artworks, ranging from phone, tablet applications to traditional paintings.”

Another interesting art piece in the exhibition is graphic design major Briana Schepper’s fictitious non-profit organization, “Calm Connections”.

Her “Calm Connections” idea spurred from her own experiences with anxiety. Her goal to create an organization that was clean and welcoming to those seeking help. It was inspired by Schepper’s journey of seeking outside help herself.

“The organization is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of anxiety,” she said. “There are multiple pieces involved in this exhibition.”

Schepper’s piece includes stationary and a package design including candles, markers, journals, a blanket, descriptions of their uses, and multiple aids for persons with anxiety such as posters and information about anxiety.

“I believe students, and anyone for that matter, should attend the show,” said Schepper. “They will be able to experience a variety of art and aesthetics, and if they attend the opening reception, they will be able to ask the artist in person if they have any questions on the work.”

Both artists agreed that their education here at MSUM has helped shape their creative process. Though they are more conscious with their creative process and deciding what to create, their love for art is just the same and is fostered here at MSUM.

“I have become much more conscious in what I decide to create through my experiences here at MSUM,” Schepper said. “My attitude has remained the same; however, I have always loved creating art pieces and viewing many types of it.”

For these art majors, this exhibition displays their hard work and dedication. This event not only shows their work, but showcases their and their peers’ improvements over their time at MSUM. The BA/BFA Exhibition will be showing in the gallery from Nov. 16 – Dec. 16 with a reception on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 4 – 6 p.m.

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