Making Connections: FargoConnect holds third annual conference


by Kayleigh Omang

FargoConnect held its third annual conference in the FargoDome on Tuesday, Aug. 30, hosted by The Flint Group. The conference aimed to provide information on communications and technology by bringing in keynote speakers. Attendees ranged from business professionals, sponsors, and college students. Sponsors included MSUM, NDSU and Concordia colleges.

After finding out about the event via DragonDigest, MSUM student Brittney Berthiaume decided to attend. “I’m doing communications and advertising so I was thinking it would bring me to knowledgeable people so I thought hey I should go connect with these people,” Berthiaume said.


The speakers spoke on topics such as utilizing mobile friendly websites, embracing critique, and marketing for your generation.

“A lot of the simple messages you’ve heard before, but then having to reintegrate it into a marketing strategy within your own business too is really important,” Berthiaume said. “A lot of what they are saying isn’t necessarily new, but it’s presented in a different way so it’s sticking with me.”


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