Sweet Treats: Three new ice cream spots in Downtown Fargo

Downtown Fargo, North Dakota, is a favorite hangout spot for MSUM students. With a wide variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops, it’s not hard to see why.

Until recently, the one thing you couldn’t get downtown was ice cream. Over the summer, three new ice cream shops opened up to satisfy the cravings for kids of all ages in the area (because let’s be honest, we’re all kids on the inside, especially when it comes to ice cream). 

Tea & Crepe Fargo


“Panda Panda” rolled ice cream at Tea & Crepe Fargo

With locations in Grand Forks and Fargo, Tea & Crepe Fargo is serving up Thai rolled ice cream, crepes, boba tea and much more. Upon entering their location on Broadway, guests are transported into a traditional and minimalistic space. A television screen by the doorway plays everyone’s favorite funny cat videos on loop, giving it a fun and relaxed vibe.

Don’t worry about spending your entire paycheck on an outing here, either. Prices vary depending on what you order, but a cup of their rolled ice cream (including toppings) will cost you around $7.

Silver Lining Creamery


Established in 2014, Silver Lining Creamery first opened its doors in Rapid City, South Dakota. According to the website, they specialize “…in fresh, bold and unique flavors all created in-house using the most up-to-date and freshest ice cream ingredients.” Their menu is constantly changing, so you’ll never get bored with the same flavor choices.

A cup of ice cream from Silver Lining Creamery in Fargo, ND



The interior of the shop is open and bright, with storefront windows bringing in natural sunlight, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Fairy lights hang from the ceiling over the tables inside the shop, while Disney music plays over the speakers. No need to break the bank here, either, because a treat will only cost you about $5.

Scoop N Dough Candy Co.


Eight of Scoop N Dough Candy Co.’s edible cookie dough flavors

Tucked inside of Roberts Alley in downtown Fargo, Scoop N Dough Candy Co. is serving up edible cookie dough, ice cream and even popcorn and candy, giving customers flashbacks to their childhoods through a sense of nostalgia. With eight flavors of cookie dough alone, the possible combinations with their 16 hard serve ice creams are endless.

The shop is small, so the line can easily get long when they’re busy, but it moves fast so everyone can order. Walking down the alley, especially at night, you’ll see the shop’s bright lights and classic-looking sign out front. A few tables and chairs are inside the shop itself, with more right outside in the alley so people can talk and enjoy the weather.

Ice cream lovers in Fargo-Moorhead enjoyed a treat this summer when these new shops opened up downtown. There’s still a little bit of summer left, so make it sweet.


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