Inspiring Dragon Pride: MSUM’s hype-man


By Griffin Nelson,

Photo by Katie Adams,

No matter how heavy the winds howl over Scheels Field at Nemzek Stadium, one voice cuts through, full of zest and zeal.

While the microphone may offer a helping hand, it’s merely a tool in the arsenal of David Hoeschen.

A pivotal member of the GO! TEAM, a student organization which provides game day entertainment alongside live streaming and video services for MSUM athletics, Hoeschen has become a fixture of Dragon home games for three years. Hoeschen’s official title is Marketing and Fan Engagement Coordinator, and his reach spans far and wide throughout Dragons athletics. He acts as MC and host for the Dragons, a mascot of sorts, without the costume.

With his boundless energy and undying stream of positive vibes, he’s been known to start chants, throw t-shirts, and judge halftime contests.

And when he dances–well, it’s downright contagious.

“David brings a lot to our team,” Jonathan Wepking, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Production and head of the GO! TEAM, said. “What makes him stand out is his constant, infectious positivity, a willingness to do anything to help out without complaint, and a genuine ‘shirt off his back’ nature.”

Hoeschen was born in Brookings, South Dakota and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Carried home from the hospital in a Minnesota Vikings onesie, his affinity for “all things sports” burgeoned early on. He recalled being able to name every player on the Minnesota Twins when he was just four years old.

Unfortunately, athletic triumphs did not coincide with his passion.

“I was terrible at sports,” Hoeschen chuckled. After participating in football and baseball into high school, he decided his talents were better suited elsewhere.

After hanging up the cleats sophomore year, Hoeschen’s old football coach asked if he’d be interested in handling the music during home games. It was here that Hoeschen first recognized what would soon become his calling.

“It was so cool to be able to make the fans interact with what I was doing,” Hoeschen said. “You see them dancing, cheering and singing along to the music; that was really cool.”

By the time Hoeschen graduated high school he had built a robust resume. From serving as the PA announcer and beat writer at his high school to the statistician for the local semi-professional baseball team, Hoeschen fully immersed himself in the world of sports media and promotion.

After some deliberation, Hoeschen decided to leave St. Cloud and attend MSUM with an eye on a degree in Advertisement & Public Relations. He promptly found his way to the GO! TEAM and has progressed in his responsibilities throughout the years. His alacrity to take center stage has never wavered.

“Sporting events allow people to step away from everything,” Hoeschen said. “To provide an escape for people, relax in the moment, even get a little crazy sometimes; that’s why I do it.”

Off-campus, Hoeschen was able to gain valuable experience as a summer intern for the local semi-professional baseball team, the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks. He brought his signature energy and enthusiasm to the top of dugouts at Newman Outdoor Field. Hoeschen hopes that the summer job was a medium towards his dream profession: creative promotions coordinator for a minor league baseball team.

Wepking sees a constructive growth in Hoeschen’s leadership skills from the summer internship and recognizes the assiduousness he brings to the table every day. He’s grateful for the rapport they have established beyond a boss-employee relationship.

“They call a basketball player who never leaves the arena a gym rat,” Wepking said. “Lovingly, he’s our gym rat. He cares so deeply that everyone at every game for every sport leaves with a great experience.”

Hoeschen is one of the lucky ones—he’s found a future profession that brings happiness to both him and those who surround him.

Next time you catch a game at Nemzek, be on the lookout for a young man utterly in his element. He won’t be hard to find. He’s boisterous, exuberant, and not afraid to make a fool of himself for a laugh or two. Hoeschen’s every movement has intention—to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.

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