Nine Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel More Like Home

By: Autumn Johnson,

Coming to college and living in a small area with someone you may or may not know can be intimidating, especially if you are coming a long way from home. Nine months of living in a small space can get old and make you homesick, so here are some tips to make your dorm room feel more homey.

1)  Get a rug.

   Even if you have carpet in your room, a nice big fluffy rug could tie your whole room together.

2)  Pictures of home.

   Print off some pictures of your friends, family or dog before you come to college, and hang them up in your room. Having some pictures of people you love can help with being homesick.

3) Quilts.

   Having a nice warm quilt to sleep with at night, instead of a scratchy bed sheet, can make your room feel like home.

4) Lights.

   Get a lamp or hanging lights. Having some different lighting in your room instead of the fluorescent overhead lighting can make a big difference. A lamp or white hanging lights will give your room more of a warm calming feeling, just like home.

5) Throw pillows.

   Throw pillows are something so simple, but they can make everything look put together.

6) Organizing.

  Being organized can make your room feel more like home and a destination you can hang out in instead of just sleep in.

7) Plants.

   Buy some succulents or nice flowers to keep in your room. Getting a few plants will give you a sense of responsibility through taking care of them.

7) Plug in scent.

   Get a plug in scent you’ve had at home or a plug in scent that reminds you of home. Smell is a sense that can bring you instantly back to where you first experienced it.

8) Decorate for the holidays.

  Make your room match the holidays by getting some cute red banners for Valentine’s Day or a plastic tree for Christmas.

 9) Personalize it.

    Personalize your dorm room however you want. Hang something crazy or        something that reminds you of home in a good way.

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