Student Union Finds Success in TGIF Program


This year, the Student Union has planned a series of events for the fall semester and is planning on having more events throughout the year. 

This fall, MSUM planned additional events to get students more involved on campus. The Student Union was in charge of starting up a series of events labeled TGIF. The term means “Thank God, It’s Friday” and features proactive on-campus events meant to be showcased every Friday. 

“What (the Student Union) wanted to do is some type of programming on Friday afternoons knowing that this semester, there are many more Friday classes than there have been in the past,”  said Assistant Director of Leadership Steve Fox. “We want to engage our students more on Fridays so that there is some encouragement for students to stay on campus for the weekends.” 

Fox said what they are trying to accomplish with these events is having students be more involved with activities and more aware of what the campus has to offer. 

“I think giving students an opportunity to do something that it is not meant to be stressful and to see them become more familiar with the overall environment that the school provides is the main reason we do TGIF,” said Associate Director for Student Life Annie Wood. 

So far, TGIF has made a positive turnout with attendance for events being at a high point for this semester. Some of the events that TGIF has hosted include the COMM College Carnival and T-Shirt to Tote, where attendees made old T-shirts into tote bags in order to reduce a large amount of plastic from around the world. 

“We try to create events for people to get up and do something positive in their days,” said Wood. “We try to limit the amount of stress that is carried with college students, and it’s always nice to have a breather from all of the assignments and exams you have to complete.” 

Wood stated that the Student Union also partners with other student organizations on campus to help with coordinating events. 

“We have done some stuff with the Recreation and Wellness department,” said Wood. “We have done stuff with SPECTRUM and the Rainbow Dragon Center on Coming Out Week. We’re pretty open to getting more ideas for events through these organizations.” 

Because of how successful TGIF has been during the first semester, there is a possibility of it coming back next semester as well, though discussion for potential events is still ongoing.

“We hope to get some connections to other student organizations about plans for events, but until then, there has not been too much talk for those plans in the long run next semester,” said Fox. 

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