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By Meg Crews

There’s been a big change! The Advocate, Minnesota State University Moorhead’s newspaper, still delivers observations of the news happening around campus to students, alumni, faculty, and those in the community. This year they are rebuilding themselves from the ground up with new student staff. “News for the students by the students” is a phrase used by The Advocate, so it would make sense that those in charge are students. The Advocate has been around since 1971, so let’s meet the staff.

Jonathan Ness, the Editor in Chief, grew up in Rockford, MN about forty minutes outside of Minneapolis. He switched his major while studying at MSUM and decided on an English and Mass Communication major. He’s been with The Advocate since September 2021 and was honored to take over the Editor-in-Chief position this year. 

Considering how today’s journalism is considered biased, I want to follow the ethics of journalism. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth,” Jonathan also expressed, “The Advocate has been an accepting place for different backgrounds, political ideologies, and personal beliefs.” Jonathan’s goal is to present honest, reliable, and quality information through his position that is for the readers.

Photo of Jonathan Ness, submitted by Jonathan Ness

The current Associate Editor, Tiffany Ackerman, accepted this position last spring. Next semester she’ll be graduating with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Since her hometown of Motley, MN is only a few hours away and where her family resides, she plans to stay close to the area after graduation. Tiffany enjoys being part of any literature process and was thrilled to fill the Editor role. When asked what she’d say to those curious about joining The Advocate, she responded, “Try it. It’s an opportunity and even if you don’t like it, you tried it at least.” Tiffany expressed the delight of being part of this community, a positive feature she felt is “meeting new people plus being able to read or write about cool stories happening on campus.”

Photo of Tiffany Ackerman submitted by Tiffany Ackerman

Shania Glenz, new to The Advocate, was first introduced to the Copy Editor position through a coworker. Shania’s originally from a small town in central Minnesota called Verndale. She is in her senior year, majoring in English Literature after transferring from Wisconsin her sophomore year. Shania has always enjoyed reading, coming from a family full of readers. She stated that 

“Mass media and literature are the ways we can not only find new information but old information also; not useful all the time but reading as enjoyment.” Being a part of The Advocate has allowed Shania to meet new people, who have been great to work with, and gain experience as a Copy Editor.

Photo of Shania Glenz submitted by Shania Glenz

There are more students who are an active part of this enterprise, like our photographers and writers. As a student-run, student-based newspaper on campus, The Advocate gladly welcomes new perspectives and concepts from the student body. What’s stopping you from trying your hand at journalism and being part of the change?

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