Quaker Steak and Lube: cuisine in 0 to 60

Quaker Steak and Lube is located at 1776 45th St. SW., behind West Acres Mall.

Area wing joints have slick competition. One of Fargo’s newest restaurants, Quaker Steak and Lube opened Dec. 12 on 45th street, behind West Acres Mall.

“It’s a mixture between a steak house and a wing joint,” said Kris Oster, first-time Quaker Steak and Lube customer.

The steak house is known for its burgers, wings and body shop-themed atmosphere. The decor is almost entirely car and motorcycle memorabilia.

Harleys, hot rods and four-wheelers hang from the ceiling. They’ll actually swap out the vehicles, so the dining experience is ever changing. If the motor sports atmosphere doesn’t scream “boys night out,” the flat screen televisions broadcasting various ESPN channels will.

“We had a group of about 30 MSUM students in just last week watching Dragon basketball,” said Paul Kasprowicz, head bartender.

Those who are successful at completing the spicy wing challenges will have their picture placed on the Wall of Heat.

Quaker Steak and Lube’s sauces are measured on the Scoreville Heat Unit (SHU) Scale. SHU’s are measurements used for the heat level of chili peppers. A number is assigned to each pepper based on how much liquid is needed to get rid of the heat. The SHU’s of Quaker’s sauces range from “ranch,” with a SHU of 90, to “triple atomic,” with a SHU of 500,000. A regular jalapeno pepper has a SHU of 5,000. A habenero pepper has 300,000 SHU’s.

“I had the super-charged wings. They were way hotter than blazin’ wings (Buffalo Wild Wings), and they were third from the top of the list,” Oster said.

Thrill seekers wanting to try the spiciest wings, the atomic, with a SHU of 150,000 and the triple atomic with a SHU of 500,000 require a release form to be signed. They come with a side of jalapenos to cool the palate. Successful attempts at finishing a six pack of atomic or triple atomic wings are rewarded with a free T-shirt and a bumper sticker. Winners get their picture placed on the Wall of Heat.

“The wings are really meaty. They’re not just breading,” Oster said.

Customers enjoy quality service and a unique atmosphere.

In addition to quality wings, the menu features more than 20 different signature drinks.

“My friends and I like to come here for the specials,” said Erica Entzminger, a speech pathology freshman.

For college students, there are specials throughout the week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are all you can eat wings. A student ID will grant 20 percent off on Wednesdays, and service industry workers get 20 percent off on Saturdays. Counting calories? There are plenty of lite options. All of the wings are available grilled instead of breaded.

“I loved the grilled wings,” Entzminger said. “It’s a nice option for people who are trying to be healthy. Someone should have thought of this sooner.”

Healthier options are indicated on the menu as under 750 calories and include everything from grilled salmon to a “biker chick salad,” made with feta, chicken, cranberries and strawberries.
A late night menu filled with shareable appetizers will be added within the next couple of weeks. The steakhouse will also be hosting a party during the super bowl.

“Our good food, excellent service and unique atmosphere keep people coming back. We’re already seeing the same faces two or three times a week,” Kasprowicz said.



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