“Inspire Your Heart With Art Day” inspires student showcase

While mindlessly searching the internet one day, graphic design sophomore Briana Schepper stumbled upon the fact that Jan. 31 is national Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. Being an artist herself, Schepper got excited about the holiday and decided to bring it to campus.

“I hope to have non-art majors get involved with art and artists on campus. I hope they can find joy in creating something,” Schepper said.

Thursday, the CMU ballroom will be transformed into a gallery, showcasing works by students. It will also be a place where students can create art. There will be two different stations set up. One station will be for beading and the other for making drawstring bags out of pillow cases. Each station will have instructions on how to make different crafts with the provided materials.

“Hopefully this event inspires them to create anything they want and relax and appreciate art,” Schepper said.

Attendees will be able to support student artists, by sticking post-it notes on the artwork, telling artists what they like about the piece.

“I decided on the CMU Ballroom because I think sometimes students don’t want to go all the way to the (Center for the Arts) to see a gallery,” Schepper said. “I think this will draw in people because it’s in the middle of everything.”

Schepper is submitting two of her own pieces to the show. Entries include everything from oil paintings to photography.

“It’s nice to work on something that isn’t a school assignment and doesn’t have guidelines,” Schepper said.

Dragon Entertainment Group members will be available to answer questions about the artwork. They will also assist students in making the crafts.

“I want this event to give student-artists a chance to show their work and give what they’re doing more credit,” Schepper said.

Students interested in submitting artwork should contact Schepper at schepperr@mnstate.edu or stop by the Dragon Entertainment Group Office in CMU 231.


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