Misconceptions about the female psyche

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Opinion Editor April Knutson

Opinion Editor April Knutson

“April, why are all women crazy?”

This question I have heard numerous times from several of my male friends. Being a lady myself, you would assume I would quickly retort with a harsh and loud sigh.

“Are you kidding me? It’s men who are the problem.” Add a hair-flip for emphasis.

Silly readers, you’re mistaken.

“Sorry, man. We are crazy, just deal with it, ok.”

Now before the female readers crucify me, I will be the first to claim my own slice of insanity. For example, I giggle a lot, and no, not like, “oh she giggles at things, how cute and endearing.” No, more like, “umm, was that really funny? Should she be laughing that much? It’s slightly annoying.

Come on girls, you know you are guilty of it too. We are prone to little less than rational behavior sometimes, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But it seems that all of our irrationalities have perfectly logical answers.

For example, I giggle to cover up my awkward energy that emotes, sometimes without my control, especially when I find a smile particularly dazzling. You’d be surprised how many situations a laugh and smile can get you through.

Now, men, don’t think I missed any of your quirks. Like this conversation I overheard in the library.

“So who’s the girl you’re trying to bed?”

“I’ll tell you later, I don’t want to jinx it.”

Like if you talk about it, your lady-friend will magically know, because the cardinal rule is, of course; Do not kiss and tell. A rule that men (and women) break whenever they have a second to discuss the latest and greatest attraction.

Just a note to the men out there: numerous things affects where a woman chooses to lay her affection, but none are related to horoscopes or any other sorts of voodoo.

Though as humans, we are prone to believe in luck and superstitions. I know men and women who have a particularly “lucky” shirt for one reason or another, some have a special perfume or cologne, a pre-date ritual including a pep talk from your mom or best friend.

Despite any special make-up or attire, that strange little anxiety will pump throughout the limbs, as you fidget, building up confidence to approach the subject of your affections. Those silly little butterflies will flutter up your stomach as it catches the scent of a love-stricken heart.

It’s positively reasonable to find yourself acting a bit batty, because it is not about being crazy, it’s about accepting that everyone is a little crazy no matter his or her sex.


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