New school year marks new beginning


Opinion Editor Jessica Jasperson

Mediocre grades, failed classes, bad break-ups, unsettling memories, embarrassing moments and the list goes on; forget all of it.

What does a new beginning mean for you? What do you want to accomplish?

According to Merriam-Webster, success is defined as, “a favorable or desired outcome.”

However, this fast-paced world tells us success is the product of being unbelievably busy and watching the numbers in your bank account(s) increase.

The media has engrained capitalism into our brains since we could understand what the dollar sign means. We’re told that only after a job promotion, buying a brand new vehicle or an expensive piece of art to add to a million dollar collection will one find happiness in life.

Only after gaining “success” can you spend your time doing what you really want.

Don’t let society fool you. Redefine society’s claimed definition of success and see where life twists and turns. Believe me, life will twist and turn.

Enjoying every day with family and friends may be the most important part of your life and therefore defines success. Perhaps volunteering at one of the homeless shelters or food pantries in Fargo-Moorhead marks a good day. Even finishing the first month of college is a milestone.

Yes, realistically there are deadlines, busy days, work and money to be made. These everyday tasks don’t have to reign in your life.

Equally as important to redefining success is the fact that a new beginning can start whenever you choose.

Halfway through the day, you can choose to not let that fire alarm that went off at 3 a.m. ruin the remainder of your day.

Perhaps after receiving a bad grade on your first college essay you worked really hard on, you choose to turn the bad grade into a learning experience.

Spilled coffee on your drive to school today? Walk the halls of MSUM proudly, even with a huge brown stain on your shirt.

Life narrows down to decision making. There is a decision to let a negative occurrence rule over positivity, and there is a decision to brush off negativity and simply smile.

Ultimately, decisions lead to successes. Enjoy the everyday and enjoy a new beginning.


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