Why I love my beard

Brian PeckI have been growing all the hair on my head and face for the greater part of a year.

There have been many ups and downs throughout the process.  My family, friends and coworkers have, at some point, looked down upon me.

“Are you going to shave anytime soon?”  “You look homeless,” “Doesn’t it itch?” are all questions thrown my way.

My response is usually along the lines of, “No, I’m not going to shave it,” “I’m not homeless,” and “No, it does not itch.” I also explain to these people that this is the prime time to grow out my hair.

In just a few short years, I will be completely bald, and it will be unacceptable to have a large, untrimmed beard when I start a career. NOW IS THE TIME!

People tell me it would be hard to get a job looking the way I do. I did not let these words of discouragement get me down.

In fact, my hair has added to my personality as a DJ for weddings, school dances and company parties. I can’t tell you how many times a guest has come up to me and explained how much they love my beard and hair.

I also am very memorable to the people that attend.  If they do not remember my name, they will refer to me as “the guy with the really long hair and awesome beard.”

I have recently adopted the DJ name of Samurai Peck.

I got this nickname when I first discovered I could put my hair in a ponytail… well, most of it.

For a period of two months, the front and sides of my hair were not quite long enough to put tied up, so I would have a tuft of hair popping out of my head, which people said made me look like a Samurai warrior.

Having long hair, specifically a beard, keeps me warm in the cold winter months and keeps me sweating my butt off in the summer.

Beards can also act like a sponge. You might be surprised with the amount of water a beard can hold, averaging about one gallon.

Beards, especially big ones, prove to be a perfect conversation piece in any social setting. I, one time, had a conversation for nearly 30 minutes about my beard and beards in general.

A lot of women love it when a man can rock a beard. A lot of men are envious of my beard. Un-bearded men feel substantially inadequate when surrounded by other men with beards. I am sincerely sorry for creating this insecurity in those who cannot successfully grow a beard.

My beard can be a source of peace and tranquility. Sometimes I find myself running my fingers through it. When I really feel like treating myself, I grab a comb and groom my beard up to an hour at a time.

The beard also doubles as a hand magnet, such that people just want to touch it or run their fingers through it.  Why humans have this urge to touch a beard is beyond me.  I can’t tell you how many times both men and women feel the urge to run their fingers through my facial hair. Is it really that interesting?

Most of the time it is uninvited contact, making the situation quite awkward for all parties involved. I understand you want to touch this wonderfully crafted beard.

I speak for all bearded men by saying we would appreciate if you would just ask to touch it. It is common courtesy.


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