Fall fashionistas strut their stuff

As frosty fall weather takes hold, MSUM students add layers of clothing, and warm Starbucks or Caribou coffees are added to their hands. Since fall is winter’s preseason, the weather allows students to transition their wardrobe. They are in the process of changing their closet from summer shorts to warm leggings, tank tops to winter coats and beach flip-flops to boots.

Get Payton Nelson’s outfit: Denim top: Delias.com Leggings: Victoria’s Secret Scarf: Herbergers Purse: The Garage Boots: Top Moda

Get Payton Nelson’s outfit:
Denim top: Delias.com
Leggings: Victoria’s Secret
Scarf: Herbergers
Purse: The Garage
Boots: Top Moda

Dressing fashionable every day for college is challenging. Broke students attempting to look good for class on three hours of sleep is a joke. Many students are spotted wearing sweatshirts, black leggings or sweatpants and Ugg boots on their way to class.

“I see a lot of people wearing sweats and boots,” freshman Haily Holmberg said. “It’s very comfy cute.”

Convenience and comfort are the first thoughts in most college students’ minds when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, although that doesn’t stop all of MSUM’s female students from making a fashion statement.

“There are a few students around campus that have a unique style,” junior Kayla Burlager said. “I think that is what makes MSUM so unique. Because walking around NDSU and Concordia everyone dresses similarly, but here it’s a bit different.”

While looking around campus, a few female students have their own style from bright yellows to blacks and animal print to plaid. With unique accents of colorful leather purses, knitted beanies and bright leg warmers. By just walking down the campus mall, students can see a variety of personalities projected through unique styles.

“I always add brown boots to my outfit because I like the color brown,” freshman Stephanie Nobei said.

Get Stephanie Nobei’s outfit: Top: Forever 21 Leggings: JcPenney Boots: Forever 21

Get Stephanie Nobei’s outfit:
Top: Forever 21
Leggings: JcPenney
Boots: Forever 21

This year’s runway fall fashion shows are flooded with A-line skirts and sweaters, knit beanies, statement coats, bold boots, cozy scarves and grunge-inspired looks.

According to Pantone’s fall fashion color report for 2013, fall colors are those matching the changing colors of nature such as dark greens, watery blues, earthy browns, orange tones and dark purples and pinks. These articles of clothing and fall colors are spotted around campus.

“I try to work colorful scarves somehow into every outfit,” Burlager said. “It’s my go-to item.”

Comedian and singer-songwriter, Bette Midler once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Varieties of different style boots are spotted around campus from combat and Uggs to ankle and knee high. Boots are an opportunity to make a subtle statement. Buckle, studs, sparkles or bright fall-colored boots can add a unique accent to any outfit.

Female students are beginning to throw on their favorite fall jackets to stay warm. From leather to denim, jackets are flooding campus and making a warm statement.

“I am obsessed with leather jackets,” junior Chelsea Ducheneaux said. “I was waiting all summer to wear one.”

fashionA light jean shirt with black leggings, a fall toned scarf and rust-colored boots is a commonly spotted outfit, too. It’s a simple outfit that is comfortable and fashionable which is perfect for college students in a hurry.

MSUM girls don’t just stick with pants and leggings for fall. When wanting to dress-up their day, students wear flirty colored dresses with tights and boots. It’s a warmer transition to wear those summer dresses before the snow hits the ground.

Although the most commonly seen outfit is sweats, several fashionistas still roam campus mall displaying their personalities through clothing. To some, fashion isn’t just clothes, it’s a way to proclaim individuality and uniqueness. Walking to class may not be a runway, but it doesn’t mean students can’t make an impression.


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