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Mayoral race:

Mark HintermeyerMark Hintermeyer:

Education: Concordia College, BA political science;  master’s in personnel management, Central Michigan University

Occupation:    Retired Air Force lieutenant

Public service: Two-term council member; four years with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon; American Legion member; 22 years Air Force

Mike HulettMike Hulett:

Education: BA political science/economics, U of M Twin Cities

Career: Human resources consultant in Moorhead

Public Service: School board member; Past chair of Moorhead Chamber; All-American City Team-2000; 3rd ward Moorhead city council member

Kevin Shores:

Education:  AS, Minnesota Community and Technical College; Started BA at U of M-Twin Cities for teaching and Native American studies

Occupation:    Disabled veteran

Public Service: Advocate for veterans, Native Americans, minorities; Training Our Campuses Against Racism (TOCAR) study circle, 2001

Del Rae WillamsDel Rae Williams:

Education: Business administration degree in accounting and management, Minot State University in 1983; attended Minnesota State University for MBA and psychology coursework

Career: Retired CPA; practiced public accounting for over 25 years, including a number of years of which I had my own accounting practice

Public Service: League of Women Voters of the Red River Valley (Vice President); MN State League of Women Voters (Treasurer); Freedom Resource for Independent Living Inc.; Friends of the Moorhead Library (Treasurer).

What would you do specifically as mayor to improve Moorhead for college students?


“Students are a significant asset to our town. We need to work to make Moorhead the town to be in for students. Maintaining our exceptional quality-of-life can also help retain students in Moorhead as they start a career and as they start families.That means increasing desirable and available student housing in Moorhead, increasing walkability in town, and bringing new development into the city so students can choose to stay in Moorhead after graduating.”


“A big factor in keeping college students engaged in the community is to offer attractive housing and social activities near the schools and jobs. My ‘Return to Center (Ave.)’ plan focuses on revitalizing downtown by bringing in affordable student housing and focusing on 25 designated blocks along and near Center Avenue making them the anchor for housing and business in a revitalized, re-energized downtown. By initiating contact with students and getting them more involved in the community and government, we can begin to discuss and address their needs for entertainment and other activities as we work to develop quality student-oriented businesses, jobs, and housing in Moorhead.”


“Most of the area college students come to Moorhead to get their education and then move to another area. There is an abundance of wealth and knowledge with the fresh minds of our younger residents, and it is a shame not to utilize this vast resource.  We need to open up better communication and create incentives for young adults. I think that Moorhead, so far, has taken miniscule steps to create housing for students, which is pushing them into Fargo, leaving them farther away from campus and from what Moorhead has to offer. College students in Moorhead are the paradigm shift for our future for a fresh new change.”


“Moorhead is a college town, and that is something to celebrate.  I believe the Mayor and City Council’s actions need to reflect that reality.  I believe it was a huge mistake when the City Council voted down reimbursement to students for the towing fiasco earlier this year.  I believe we need to work with students, not only by inviting them to be at the table for discussion, but by going to where they are.  Last month, the Chancellor was in town to hear from the community what we would like to see in a President at MSUM.  I was the only candidate there.  MN Legislators came to talk to students about college legislation last month.  I was the only candidate there.  When students came to College in August and had booths outside of MSUM organizations and clubs, I was there to talk to students.  My daughter is a student at MSUM in the archeology department.  My spouse teaches at MSUM in the Department of Technology.  I adjunct taught at MSUM for a short period in the Accounting Dept.  MSUM and their students are huge asset to Moorhead.   I will be a Mayor that is on campus listening to students.”

1st ward council candidates:

Mari Dailey:

Education: AA in broadcast journalism from Brown Institute in Minneapolis; BST in psychology and geography and 7-12 social studies from MSU, Mankato; graduate work in special education, MSU, Mankato; MAEd work, Hamline University

Occupation: Former radio announcer; former C-S-D Minnesota Relay for the Deaf; current middle school history teacher

Public Service: Host parent to high school students from Asia; hosted MSUM students from Nepal; financial assistance task force, Blue Earth (Minn.); licensed foster parents; MSUM Delta Zeta chapter advisor

Alex Huseby:

Did not respond.

David Hallman:

Education: AA in criminal justice, East Los Angeles College; BS in social work, MSUM

Occupation: Social worker, Clay County Social Services; retired from US Army in 1995

Public Service: Served on MN Board of Social work since 2004; served since 2010 on Clay County Elder Abuse Prevention Team; American Legion member; Cub Scout leader

What would you do specifically as a city council member to improve Moorhead for college students?


“Moorhead is not doing enough to make the post-secondary students feel valued as welcome assets to our community. We need to officially welcome them on their very first day – perhaps the Mayor, City Council, and the Moorhead Business Association could host a barbecue on campus that first week, distributing coupons redeemable for free and discounted items from Moorhead merchants. Another concern of mine is the lack of quality, affordable student off-campus housing. We also need to tighten regulations on substandard off-campus rentals with absentee landlords. An example of this would be the lack of off-street parking requirements in this style of rental units. Students find themselves with towed cars or the need to move vehicles on a daily basis. Moorhead’s downtown needs to feature recreational outlets within walking distance, rather than have students venture to Fargo for a fun nightlife. More businesses downtown Moorhead also means more employment opportunities right here, rather than forcing our students to seek out more financial aid or work in nearby communities.”


“I lived one block from MSUM from 1986 to 2001. I listened carefully year after year when the city talked about strip malls and student housing becoming a reality in the vicinity of your schools of higher education. It is obvious that all that has happened is talk. When elected I would immediately organize a task force of city, business and higher education entities (administration and student groups). Forums should be held to determine needs and wants. The student newspapers can encourage discussion and possibly poll the students/faculty to get an overall assessment of what can be done to enrich the experiences of our students during their college years.  We then can move forward with all involved groups to make the established needs and wants be a reality. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘the time is always right to do the right thing.’ I believe it is the right time to fulfill the overdue promises of the past.”

2nd ward (which includes MSUM) council candidates:

Mark Altenburg:

Education: BA in English and humanities from NDSU; MALS from Hamline University

Occupation: Adjunct faculty, NDSCS; Director of Advancement, M State

Public Service: 2nd ward council member; Moorhead Human Rights Commission; fromer Moorhead Parks Advisory Board member; Board member of Lakes and Prairie Community Action; Chair of DFL District 4A; Member of DFL State Central Committee

James Haney:

Education: Photographic technology degree from Central Lakes College; former MSUM history student

Occupation: Business owner, Haney’s Photography and Bonnie Haney School of Dance; musician with Poitin, Irish/Celtic band – Dempsey’s house band

Public Service: None

What would you do specifically as a city council member to improve Moorhead for college students?


“We need to work with students, from orientation to graduation, to make Moorhead an inclusive, respectful, and enjoyable place to study, work, and live. Students are more than an economic asset. Students bring new energy, new ideas, and new voices to our community. But, be aware, some candidates who now say they respect students have voted the other way. I fought for an on-campus polling location, I voted for the domestic partner registry, I tried to stop efforts to close our local tobacco shops, and I brought forward the resolution to reimburse students who had their cars towed as a result of the faulty implementation of our new snow district policy. I have stood with students in the past, I stand with students today, and I will fight for students into the future if I am fortunate enough to be re-elected to another term on the Moorhead City Council.”


“One idea is that a downtown Moorhead theater/concert hall seating for plays, live performances and films could be a great  element to facilitate downtown rebirth. A Moorhead Music Festival could be hosted. If an authentic Irish pub were to open along with several other eating and drinking establishments, a boutique hotel, shops, galleries, Trader Joe’s, an all-night breakfast restaurant, and a parking ramp-the synergy would open Moorhead up and bring us back to our formerly strong suit, which was culture. Jobs for students in a new downtown Moorhead would be well paying, and fun. Affordable housing for students downtown could also be a boon. A building where bands could rehearse downtown would be cool. I guess the short answer is we can build this town on rock and roll. I want to help rebuild Moorhead to be at least a little bit like what it once was. And it will be a chilly day in Hades when I would vote to close a treasure like Ralph’s. This is how I intend to help the students. To help build a better town.”

3rd ward council candidates:

Julian DahlquistJulian Dahlquist:

Education: BA in art photography from MSUM

Occupation: Regional Field Organizer, MN DFL; former employee of Plains Art Museum

Public Service: None

Brenda ElmerBrenda Elmer:

Education: BA in political science/BS in mass communications, MSUM; MA in public administration, Hamline University

Occupation: Regional director for Associated Builders and Contractors for MN/ND

Public Service: 3rd ward Moorhead City Council member; Moorhead Economic Development Authority, Moorhead Park Advisory Board; former Moorhead Public Service commissioner; former MSUM student senator

What would you do specifically as a city council member to improve Moorhead for college students?


“Currently, we’re seeing over 95% occupancy in our apartments, which does not cater to the demands of students.  By providing such housing on 1st Avenue north, we can start to create a real demand for a downtown marketplace, which is something we desperately need in Moorhead.  Through our great student population, we can focus on innovation and creativity, and start to offer unique options in the greater FM region.  We need to get away from comparing ourselves to Fargo, and focus on and promote our tremendous presence in academics and the arts.”


“The first step in improving our community for Moorhead’s college students is increasing communication.  I have visited with numerous students over my four years on the council – both formally in settings like Student Senate meetings, and informally as they contact me about city concerns.  I commit to increasing those communication opportunities into my next term as a city leader.  Only when we have an open and regular dialog can we effectively understand our residents concerns and take action.  In addition, in the last year, I helped to initiate a new position at City Hall focused solely on business development and retention and a big part of that effort is reaching out to the colleges to better develop a plan for meeting the needs of students in incenting them to live and shop in Moorhead.  We need to better identify their customer needs and act to spur development accordingly.  One of the primary reasons students tell me so many of them live in Fargo is because there is modern rental housing.  In response to the desire for updated housing stock in our city, the Economic Development Authority on which I serve, developed a tax incentive for new housing construction, thereby triggering several new apartment buildings that will help meet this demand.  More restaurants and night life offerings, a bookstore, and incorporating Moorhead’s abundant arts programs into our downtown are other ideas I hear from students.  I will continue to work to make these happen.  If we want our students to remain in our city after graduation, we need to attract them first to live and shop in Moorhead when the first enroll.  They are one of the important keys to Moorhead’s future.”

4th ward council candidates:

Ben Anderson:

Education: BA in business administration, University of St. Thomas

Occupation: Regional director, University of Minnesota Extension Service

Public Service: Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce executive director; USDA administrator of Rural Business-Cooperative Service; Subcommittee staff director for U.S. House Committee on Agriculture; Legislative assistant to U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman

Newzad Brifki:

Education: Business administration degree, MSUM; graduate of Creative Community Leadership Institute by Intermedia Arts, Twin Cities

Occupation: Founder and director of the Kurdish Community of America

Public Service: Community service work; Moorhead Airport Committee member

Chris Floberg:

Did not respond

Chuck Hendrickson:

Education: BA in English writing and political science, Concordia College; MBA, University of Mary

Occupation: Technical writer at Intelligent InSites

Public Service: Treasurer, Moorhead Ellen Hopkins Elementary School PTAC; graduate of Leadership West Fargo; volunteer football, T-Ball and basketball coach

Cassandra Lougheed:

Education: Associates degree, Wright School of Business

Occupation: Licensed foster parent and stay-at-home grandma/mom

Public Service: Member, Halstad, Minn. Economic Development Authority; Co-chair Halstad/Red River Bridge Committee

What would you do specifically as a city council member to improve Moorhead for college students?


“It is important for the city to have strong relationships and collaborations with other community leaders and organizations. That is how things get done in local government – by working together to identify issues and implement solutions. With MSUM and our other colleges, I would hold regular, formal meetings with students and college leaders so that their ideas and feedback can be brought forward. Colleges are known as places where ideas happen, and Moorhead obviously needs new ideas to address its long-standing issues. The city should look to its college students, departments, and professors for guidance on the various policy matters it faces. Moorhead is a college town in name only. There is not the typical college town scene and culture to back this up, which would benefit both students and the overall community. Downtown Moorhead, with its proximity to the campuses and need of redevelopment in general, is a natural neighborhood for this. We have to restore downtown with the type of storefronts and buildings typical of a downtown neighborhood, which would provide students with more places to socialize. To do this, greater incentives and marketing are needed to attract more developers and businesses. It should also be a goal of Moorhead to retain our college students as residents and employees. The city should continue to pursue policies that will ensure future economic development so graduates have many options for jobs and housing.”


“I would focus on more student apartments in downtown. Increase more of a college town look, such as; Museum, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Bars and a great library. I want students to feel good when they are in Moorhead. Have not only a good education, but a place to have some fun and free their stress from all the homework in school. Having said that; I want to provide resources and opportunities where the college kids can stay after graduation and look for a career startup in Moorhead and to raise a family here in the future.”


“I would promote the greatest resource we have in Moorhead, the college students. I have been around college campuses and the students provide a vibrant energy to the community. With more students staying in Moorhead, they will spend more money in Moorhead, leading to business and community growth. I would help bring a business complex to downtown that targets the approximately 14,000 college students who attend college in Moorhead. I would specifically target sit-down restaurants and bar-and-grill businesses that cater to the college crowd and young professionals. I would also offer incentives to build more affordable housing for college students in the downtown area. Moorhead could develop off-campus student housing that leverages the most current technologies and is within walking distance to the campuses. I went to school at Concordia and I realize how important our college students are to this community. I would be open to listen to any new ideas that further integrates students into the community. Thank you for your time.”


“As a City Council Member, I would encourage and support a number of things.

-A student liaison position with the city. We need to know what student need and want, and students need to know what we have to offer.

-An Internship Program. This could not only for city positions, but for businesses in town. Interns often go on to work where they intern.

-Economic and Residential Development. We need more business with more jobs and a city that people want to live in.

-Downtown Development. A developed Downtown would be attractive to student with small shops, restaurants, etc.

-River Corridor development. A well developed River Corridor would mean many leisure activities that would be attractive to the young person.

-Border Cities Legislation. This one may seem unrelated, but in fact restaurants and bars operate at a disadvantage with Fargo with more expensive labor cost due to paying at least minimum wage plus tips while in ND they do not. I am not saying pay people less in Moorhead, but there ought to be a way to compensate for this. The other is workman’s compensation rates. There is a great disparity between MN and ND in many jobs. Level this playing field and we are a lot more competitive. Take care of this and we will have many more positions for students who are in school and students who are in school.”

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