Education group aims to help students find jobs


Education Minnesota Student Program, also known as EMSP, offers education students valuable experience as they prepare for their future careers. The student-driven organization has been active both on and off campus this semester, giving students the chance for hands-on involvement.

“We like to gear our programs toward educating the future educators,” says Lindsay Eide, president of MSUM’s chapter of EMSP.

EMSP aims to help current education students gain insight into their future jobs. Additionally, membership in the organization comes with the added benefits of liability insurance while in practicum classrooms, access to learning materials and access to student functions and conferences.

It is also a branch of Education Minnesota, a statewide union that offers advocacy for Minnesota educators, professional support and mentorship for new teachers; all of which will be valuable as students move into their careers.

EMSP operates at the university level, and is a student-focused and driven organization. Students have the opportunity to assume leadership roles and give input to the direction of the group.

“The members bring the ideas to the table,” says Rebecca Theisen, faculty advisor to the group, while explaining some of the many events the group has been involved with. “In past we’ve done some tutoring and worked with homeless shelters.”

Currently, EMSP is looking forward to a principal panel to take place today.

“Area principals from both Fargo and Moorhead will be on the panel to talk about what they like to see in teacher candidates and answer questions our guests and members have,” says Theisen.

The emphasis on pre-professional development is another unique aspect of the program. Events such as the panel give students an idea of what their future employers will expect from them after graduation.

All are welcome to the event, which is at 7 p.m. in Lommen  room 203, and Eide hopes the attendance numbers will give them a better estimate of student interest in EMSP this semester.

“We had about 15 people at our (first) meeting,” she says, “And hopefully the principal panel, our first big event, will show us who is actually involved and interested in our organization.”

Another take-away students can gain from involvement with EMSP is an enhanced resume.

“Resume building and trying to find out how they can prepare themselves to be a strong candidate for hire,” Theisen says in regard to what students in the group are learning, “I think it’s just really beneficial, and it’s also really helpful for the students to become involved and active. It’s something they can put on their resume.”

Eide encourages all education students to consider getting involved.

“It’s worth looking into, especially for having your eyes peeled to what’s going on,” she said, “and this is a great way to do that because it has that professional development aspect outside of the classroom.”

Eide recommends looking into the EMSP Facebook page as a good place to start getting involved.


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