30 things to do before graduation

Every memory students experience at college defines and impacts them for years after they grab that diploma on graduation day; it’s the several nights spent laughing with friends in the dorm freshman year, achieving an academic accomplishment or even telling someone you love them.
Every second of an uncontrollable laugh, minute crying from a heartbreak and hour spent cramming for an exam is a memory that no student should let go. They are more than just those “times you once had in college,” they are lessons.
One can learn from outside-of-class experience just as much as in-class involvements. College is more than just a degree; it’s a time to figure out who you are.
“Don’t take things too seriously in college,” Anna Knutson, advertising major graduating this semester, said. “Obviously, doing well in class is important, but don’t forget to live a little.”
With graduation around the corner, students start to think about all the memories they experienced and what more they can accomplish before their last day.
College is a time of exploration, both inside and outside of the classroom. However, most students only have four years of higher education — and it goes by quicker than one would think.
“I would suggest that people should really try to step out of their comfort zones,” Knutson said.
This bucket list provides a few ideas for students to do before graduation.

1. Befriend someone that makes a huge impact in your life.

2.*Tailgate at MSUM or a surrounding college.

3. Spend all your money to go on a spring break trip that you will never forget.

4. Stay friends with at least one person you met during orientation.

5. Go to a class (with a friend) that you are not registered for.

6. Take a campus tour of your own campus.

7. Be involved with a campus organization, club or sport.

8. Force yourself to think critically about race, religion, money, family and sex for the first time.

9. Nap in a random place on campus, not including dorms.

10. Join an intramural sport with a group of friends.

11. *Crash a party where you know no one – alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

12. Ask someone you just met out on a date.

13. Dance on a table at a bar or party.

14. *Complete a bar crawl in downtown Fargo.

15. Study abroad.

16. Convince your professor to teach outside on a sunny day.

17. *Whether you’re studying or just hanging out, stay awake for over 24 hours straight.

18. Take a spur-of-the-moment road trip with a group of friends.

19. Run a 5K, 10K or marathon.

20. Go to a home football game.

21. Go to a guest lecture on campus.

22. Befriend a professor or advisor.

23. Take a leadership role in an organization.

24. Learn a random skill from someone you met at college.

25. Randomly volunteer in the community at a non-profit organization.

26. Get in the best shape of your life.

27. Discover a talent you never knew you had.

28. Get into an intellectual argument with someone.

29. Pull off a prank at your rival school.

30. Fall in love.

* The Advocate does not promote underage drinking and only encourages those who are of age to participate responsibly in the listed activities.


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