B.S./B.A. Exhibit reveals students exemplary artwork


Opening this week, art appreciators and critics alike will be able to view new and old creations done by MSUM’s very own senior art majors at the Art Gallery located in the Center for Arts.

The B.S./B.A.  Exhibit is an annual event that showcases senior art students’ best work throughout their years at MSUM. Displaying a vast arrangement of works from all kinds of mediums such as painting, printmaking, graphic design, ceramics and more, there are several tastes for all to enjoy.

Printmaking student Billie Kitzman will have three prints featured in the exhibit. Though she is thoroughly excited to be featured, she does express emotion taking the final step before graduation.

Kitzman, who has also been featured twice in the Scotland Exhibit, has a natural love for Scotland and spreading happiness and art. She said that she simply, “likes to make things that make other people happy.”

Her featured prints are titled, “A Dose of Serotonin I, II and III,” to coordinate with her happy-creations philosophy. Kitzman along with other art seniors, were required to undergo a 30-day faculty review, where student artwork is critiqued by professors. This is where Kitzman, along with other art students, found help to pick out which pieces to use for the exhibit.

After graduation Kitzman hopes to find a job that will allow downtime to create more prints. Her dream job is one where she could work independently in her own studio.

“I just want to make things,” Kitzman said. “Something like sail boats on T-shirts or anything fun like that.”

Another student who has a similar perspective on art and happiness is graphic design student Brittany Krebs. Krebs will have a few designs featured. One print was featured in the Juried

Exhibition last spring called “Saul Bass.” A large portion of the work is text  and reads, “I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

Showcased at the B.S./B.A. Exhibit is “a small collection” of Kreb’s work throughout the year. She says that this year’s exhibition is “a little bittersweet,” but looks forward to seeing all of her peers and their work displayed as well.

“I really thank our professors; they really help us to weed through our work and find the best to display.” Krebs said. “(Professors) help to push us and look at different ways to approach things and don’t limit us.”

When Krebs graduates she plans on staying in the area and to continue working in a design field, as she believes Fargo’s art scene is flourishing.

“Fargo’s creative side has really come out in the last few years, so it doesn’t really feel like I’d be settling anymore.” Krebs said. “I would like to stay in Fargo for a while to keep making Fargo cool.”

After spending her time at MSUM in the art department, Krebs also looks forward to seeing her peers’ work and shares advice for future graphic design majors.

“Don’t be afraid to branch out with what you’re comfortable with,” she said. “I had a style, and sometimes that works, but it’s also very important to be versatile with your work.”

You can meet, speak with and view Kitzman’s and Krebs’ work, along with other students’ pieces at 4:30 p.m. this Thursday at the B.S./B.A. Exhibit opening reception. Refeshments will be served.

The exhibit will be open until Feb. 27.

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