Justin Timberlake brings sexy to campus, parties hard with students


Justin Timberlake rocked his show in the campus mall on March 28.

Justin Timberlake rocked his show in the campus mall on March 28.

Things got a little out of hand last week at
a private Justin Timberlake concert on the
campus mall. President Edna Szymanski
and the rest of the MSUM administration
invited Timberlake back to the area to
officially apologize to students for the
budget deficit.

Campus security had their hands full
as more than 5,000 students and faculty
came out to enjoy the show, as well as to
capitalize on the recent policy change that
now allows alcohol consumption on campus.
“The entire event got out of hand really
quickly,” said Greg Lemke, Public Safety

Roughly 500 people were arrested
throughout the night on charges of public
urination, underage consumption and
public disturbance. One young freshman
was charged with destruction of property
after he knocked down the fire-breathing

The event escalated even further when
Timberlake decided to partake in the party
by doing a 45 second keg stand on stage.

“That was one of the craziest crowds I’ve
ever seen,” Timberlake said. “I couldn’t
not join in on the fun.”

Timberlake’s keg stand riled up the
crowd even more, kick-starting a party that followed the event, which many are
calling the largest party the Midwest
has seen.

Despite the fact that many city
officials condoned the event, the
President and administration stand
strong in their decision to host the

“The budget deficit really upset
a lot of people. We really wanted
to apologize, and let our students
and faculty know that we care,”
Szymanski said. “Things got a little
crazy, but that’s OK. Our students
needed a release.”

Lemke said he hopes MSUM
never hosts such an event again and
refuses to work if they do.

“That was pure chaos,” he said.
“I hope I never have to deal with
something like that again.”

Timberlake said he greatly enjoyed
his time on MSUM’s campus, and as
far as he’s concerned, the people he
met here are going to be his friends
for life. He’s already planning a
return trip in August.

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