Early rising improves grades, positivity, focus

By Crystal Branden

For most college students, the idea of a 5 a.m. wake-up call is not only revolting, but stressful as well. Imagine actually waking up early, hours before class, on purpose.
For many students, staying up late is a real problem. This goes hand-in-hand with procrastination and results in the difficult task of waking up with less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. Perhaps waking up early is a solution to success that college students do not necessarily want to hear.
In the early hours of the morning, many people are not awake  and not online on any social media. This provides a time where assignments, homework and other things can be done with little to no interruptions or distractions.
Along with the lack of distractions, the morning is also proven to be the best time to retain information. By waking up a few hours before class, one can focus solely on what needs to be done or completed.
Of course, to adjust, one has to go to sleep earlier. Though an early morning wake-up schedule can be hindering at times, being up and ready for class is a great reward in itself. A common trend in early morning classes is grogginess, and some are still half-asleep. When one wakes up earlier, the grogginess of the morning is gone by the time class starts.
In turn, waking up early provides your body the time to adjust. Instead of focusing in and out of a morning lecture, your notes can be concise and legible. You will actually know what is going on instead of wondering what the discussion was about when it comes to completing assignments and applying what was discussed.
Plus, if living off-campus is the situation, waking up earlier will make for an easier commute to campus. With less people on the roads, reaching campus will take less time, and finding a great parking spot will be easier. With the winter season quickly approaching, waking up early can also help off-campus students get to class on time on days with unforeseen circumstances – like having to scrape windshields and shovel driveways.
The first hour of one’s day and how it is spent often sets the tone for the rest of the day. By waking up earlier, you start to reduce the stress in your life by eliminating the need to rush in the mornings. Taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast and relax can change your attitude and bring about a healthier lifestyle. Plus running to class is no longer a problem if you wake up early and are prepared instead of sprinting across campus at the last minute.
In my experience, waking up early leaves me more energized, positive and less stressed. I have given myself time to focus on my studies without Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, etc. by waking up early.
Being up and running early in the morning psychs me up for the rest of the day and leaves me in a focused mindset.
Though I have noticed keeping this early morning wake up schedule is difficult when going to bed at 9 p.m. is uncommon, the silent hours of the morning have helped me achieve better grades and  improved my quality of sleep.
Although some may view this concept with judgmental disgust, with the right amount of sleep, waking up early can be the answer to energizing your life and it could potentially improve your educational performance.

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