Dragon Radio makes a comeback


by Laura Baier


After months of relocating and revamping, KMSC Dragon Radio is back. When CMU renovation plans displaced the group, the organization had to fight to continue to be a part of MSUM. In the fall, Dragon Radio moved to Flora Frick, home of the communications department.

“We are so thankful that the communications department took us in,” Natalie Aamot, KMSC station manager, said. “It’s the perfect location, being next to the TV station, The Advocate and Flypaper.”

Though KMSC originally planned to be up and running by the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, they found themselves pushed down the list of faculty priorities, which lead to a delay on air time.

“We advocated for the station as much as we could to get things going,” Aamot said. “We didn’t think it was fair.”

Program Director Jake Antolak agreed.

“The whole process has been like a big boxing match,” he said. “As a staff, we had to roll with a lot of punches, like the moving process, the delay in our start up day, or running out of money and having to meet with (the Student Activities Budget Committee). Eventually, we made it through.”

In their time off-air, KMSC staff created and rewrote all their manuals and handbooks and recruited new DJs.

“We took that time to get things going and do things for the station that weren’t being done previously,” KMSC Music Director Jamaal Abegaz said.

He said Dragon Radio is excited for the things they have planned for the semester, including adding new team members and volunteering with the Dorothy Day House.

KMSC’s radio shows play a variety of music genres.

“We have a great amount of music, and we give the DJs full creative control of their shows,” Antolak said. “All of our DJs are students, and we are always looking for more.”

KMSC is looking for a sports director and more DJs to join its team. Visit its website at dragonradio.org or stop by its office in Flora Frick 239 to apply.

Tune in to Dragon Radio at 1500AM and online at dragonradio.org.

KMSC is also on Facebook, Twitter, DragonCentral and a part of the Midco Dragon Channel.

“Check us out, and make sure you tune in,” Abegaz said.

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